12 Super Tips to Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle – Maintaining healthy lifestyle is a hard thing to do. For some people, changing their lifestyle into a healthy one is easier than maintain their healthy lifestyle that they are doing.

Maintaining a good healthy lifestyle is how we try to improve the quality of our life better.

People said that health is very expensive. And I do agree with that.

Imagine that how many people in your neighborhood who have the deadly disease such as stroke, high blood pressure, heart problem and other diseases?

Do you think that they can do many activities with their condition? And do they eat anything you eat?

I don’t think so.

It means that health is everything or more valuable than anything else, even money.

So, many people try to maintain their health as best as they can do to get the fit body and enjoy their life.

Well, beneath it all, health is not very expensive if we know the way how to live our quality life. However, nowadays people do not care about their health because of their choice to spend a lot of time with their works every day.

Many people don’t have a time just for breakfast or meals. They choose to finish out their job until midnight. As a result, they also get less bed time.

If you do such a lifestyle continuously, your body will not get enough nutrition intake.

Although it is not easy to change your bad habit into a good one, there are still so many ways you can do to make it real.

You will get many obstacles, but the big problem is coming from yourself.

It is your laziness and your mindset.

It will need a firm intention from yourself to change your lifestyle.

If you have it, the next step is your will. You have to be will to live a healthier lifestyle than before. That’s the critical success of maintaining a healthy way of life.

In this opportunity, we have already summarized 12 super tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle naturally from many sources.

12 Ways How to Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

12 Super Tips to Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle
(12 Super Tips to Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle, Photo Source: thinkstockphotos(dot)com)

In commons, these tips are very easy to do. Maybe, you will find it as a little thing, but it has a great impact on your health.

We have been looking for and reading so many sources. Then, we summarize that these 13 ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle are the core and they are proven to be very effective ways.

So Here they are.

1. Get Enough Rest

We already know that taking a rest is a must to do for people because it has a health impact on our body. If we push down our body to do a lot of things every day without taking a rest, our body will feel flagging, and it will become susceptible to affected by many diseases.

When you have so many schedules or activities, you should spend the time to take a rest for a moment.

Thus, by getting enough rest, you have already lived your good healthy lifestyle.

The best time for taking a rest, based on the study, is before 9 pm. When you sleep at that point, you will get up with more energy to face the day.

And you know, turning off the light when you sleep is a good thing to do. It makes your body completely recess and recharges all of the body energy.

There is no doubt that taking a rest is vital to living a healthy lifestyle.

2. Eat More Balanced Nutritious Foods

In this matter, some people always underestimate them. To get a healthier lifestyle, of course, you need to manage kind of foods that you consume every day.

We will need kind of nutritious foods such as rice, potato which contain carbohydrate, some eggs protein, fish and meat which contain healthy fat, vitamin and also mineral where you can find them in fresh fruits and vegetables.

There is no choice that you should eat healthy food from each food group every day.

It means that you have to stay away from several foods that high in saturated fats, added sugars, and sodium.

In contrast, you should eat a whole grains wheat, lean proteins such as chicken and beans. Change your dairy with low-fat or non-fat milk.

Moreover, consuming fresh fruits and vegetables is the best for your metabolism.

3. Avoid High-Fat Foods

Fat is one of the sources of many diseases. And it comes first from foods that we eat every day.

So, try to avoid from high-fat foods such as fried foods, foods that use coconut milk, fatty meat, chicken skin, butter and much more.

Fatty foods can cause embolism or accumulation of cholesterol in the blood vessel. It can cause many chronic diseases.

Thus, it is better for you to limit high-fat foods that you consume each day.

4. Drink More Water

Drinking water is a naturally healthy lifestyle. You do not need to plus anything to the water because by only drinking water; we can remove some toxins from our body through urine.

Our body predominantly consist of liquid. So, our body will need more liquid every day because the activities we do every day will make it decreased.

Therefore, some experts suggest drinking at least 8 (eight) glasses of water each day to substitute a loss of body liquid.

But, if you want more, you could drink coconut water which is well-known as an excellent source of ion or liquid.

5. Doing Exercises Regularly

Every day, you should have time to do some exercises because it can make your body fitter. For you who don’t like doing exercises, for now on you should like it if you want to get healthy body far from many diseases.

You can do anything sport that you like. You can do some simple exercises such as doing push up every morning or gymnastics, running and even cycling.

They are a good, simple, and cheap sports. Also, you could do it happily.

The sport will remove toxins from our body throughout our sweat. It is a good thing. You will feel healthier than before after doing the exercise.

Simply, you are just doing running every morning, and every evening, you will find your body fit and healthy.

The most important point in this matter is there is no healthy lifestyle without sport in it.

Therefore, it is clear that sport is a part of the healthy lifestyle that you should live.

6. Apply Clean Lifestyle

Keeping environment condition every day is a healthy and clean lifestyle. In addition to freshness and health, clean environment will make our mood better when we start our activities.

And please remember, you should pay attention to the cleanliness of your hand.

In everyday activities, you must be touch something more often outside there. And we do not know that they contain so many bacterias and germs.

They will make our body susceptible to many diseases.

Thus, you have to wash your hand frequently.

It is a little thing, but it is a beginning of healthy lifestyle.

7. Avoid Bad Habits

At this point, you have to avoid your bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol.

They have no advantages to your health.

In contrast, smoking and drinking alcohol will damage your body organs.

Starts today to avoid that bad habits.

8. Quit Smoking

We think that you have already know that nicotine in smoke has a connection to a variety of frightening illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, and stroke.

They are deadly diseases in the world now. There so many news that a lot of people have died from them.

And it starts from smoking.

If you are a hard smoker, make quitting smoking is your top priority.

Do you need help to get out of this habit?

The American Cancer Society could give you help, or you can read our previous article here.

Recommended Reading: 21 Tips on A Healthy Lifestyle in Quitting Smoking

Well, please do not smoke right now because smoke just will cause many preventable diseases such as lung cancer, throat cancer, and other cancer.

Also, you have to stay away from secondhand smoke since it is still hazardous to your body health.

Let’s being healthy without smoke.

9. Get Checkups Regularly

We could say that doctor is our assistant who helps us keep healthy. She/he is not just a person who treats us when we are sick.

It is crucial to do checkups and screening regularly especially if you are a subject to certain medical conditions.

If you are wondering about which screening or immunizations that you really need, you can ask or call your primary healthcare provider, your doctor or just visit the Health Department in your country or maybe a human services website.

The best way is regularly to visit your doctor for an annual physical examination.

It depends on your age. Maybe you will need lab tests and screenings such as mammograms, colonoscopies, and heart tests to see how well your body is.

Staying up to date on your health screenings is a good preventive way to identify whether there is the medical problem or not.

10. Look at Your Weight

People who have extra pounds or obese, they also have an additional problem.

Why do we say so?

Because obese will cause so many diseases such as heart problem, raise blood pressure and the scarier is they will increase the risk of a heart attack significantly.

How do we prevent this?

We can avoid it by eating more high-fiber foods, fresh nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables and low-fat foods.

Furthermore, we can maintain it by calculating our body mass index (BMI) to assess our body health situation and checking whether we are overweight or not.

Since overweight is the existence sign of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, and other cancer.

As a result, we have to maintain our healthy weight by checking our body mass index.

11. Avoid Too Much Drinking

Maybe drinking alcohol in moderation is still fairly, but heavy drinking will lead us to some severe health problems for example liver damage and stomach damage.

However, if you are want to live a healthy lifestyle, drinking alcohol is not on the list or part of it. You must to avoid and stop completely drinking alcohol.

It is better for you.

12. Improve Your Mental and Emotional Health

Mental and emotional are another factors to living a healthy lifestyle. You can make them starts from making healthy relationships.

You can maintain the proper relationship with your family or friends. Maybe you can stay active and involved in many social works, doing some recreation and perhaps you can be a volunteer for your community.

We all agree that it is a 24/7 world, but we are sure that no one can work 24 hours a day.

You will need a time for relaxation and do something that will make you feel happy.

Reducing stress will improve your physical health since physical and soul could not be detachable. They have secure connection each other.

Therefore, make sure that you have an active and healthy relationship with people around you. If you find them in an unhealthy relationship, make a choice to stay away from them and move on.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle could start from little things. Perhaps, we underestimate them, but they have a great impact to our body health.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle means that we have to preserve our foods, our ways of life and our thinking. Each of them has a strong connection and have the same contribution to our health as a whole.

And these 12 Super Tips to Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle could be your guidance and helps you to stay healthy each day.

Alright Health Tips Seekers, that’s all for today post. I hope it can improve your knowledge about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Please like and share this article. See you in the next post.

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