21 Tips on a Healthy Lifestyle in Quitting Smoking

Healthy Lifestyle – Talking about smoking, probably everyone agreed that if we want to live more healthy, we have to avoid this one thing. Yes, because smoking has a negative effect on our health.

And not smoking is one of the healthy lifestyle that is highly recommended by some health experts.

However, for a smoker, this is a difficult thing to do. One day without smoking may be very painful for them.

Quitting smoking can not be done in a short time, especially for those who are addicted to it, it may take a long time to get rid of the smoking habit.

Yes, this is not easy, but it is not an impossible thing. Especially if you have a strong awareness and intention to quit smoking.

Usually, smokers will think or have the awareness to stop smoking if they are already feel the effects of smoking itself.

For example, when going upstairs, they will feel that their breath feels very heavy. In addition, they will feel the pain in their throat. Especially if they do a little exercise, they will feel that their stamina have worsened.

Maybe from certain things, these smokers began thinking to quit smoking and start a healthy lifestyle and promised to do everything in order that they can be detached from cigarettes.

But remember, it’s not easy. How many times have you promised yourself to stop smoking? If that’s your problem, maybe we will provide tips that can help you get through all of this.

However, before discussing further, it should be emphasized that this article was made not to conduct anti-smoking campaigns. Because, basically, quitting smoking is a personal choice.

All the health experts agree that quitting smoking is a personal choice for a smoker who really want to make a change in his life.

And we believe that all people in the world already know the negative effects of smoking to human health.

If you want to know more about the content of cigarettes and the negative impact of the cigarette itself to health, please read this article through the link below.

Therefore, this article is made with the intention of merely giving helpful tips that can help smokers in the decision to quit smoking and how to achieve that goal.

21 Tips on a Healthy Lifestyle in Quitting Smoking

21 Tips on a Healthy Lifestyle in Quitting Smoking
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Well, Health Tips Seekers, let’s discuss the ‘21 Tips on a Healthy Lifestyle in Quitting Smoking‘ one by one below.

1. Strengthen the intention and round it off your determination to quit smoking

For those who have very severe addiction to smoking. Stop smoking will be a difficult thing at all. Even possible to stop 15 minutes, the smoker will feel restless and want to take a cigarette and lit it.

But, remember, there is not a thing which is not possible in this world. Everything can be done and it can be happened.

If you really want to quit smoking, try to think and intend hardly to quit smoking. Imagine what would you be if you already did. You will get your health and stamina better.

Thus, reinforcing the intention and the determined remedy to stop smoking is the first step you should take.

2. Publish your decision to quit smoking to family and close relatives

Furthermore, if you’ve made a decision and has a strong intention, the second step is to publish the decision you are to your family and close relatives.

Let them know that you really want to quit smoking with a variety of considerations. This is necessary so that they can assist you in providing strong support so that your goals can be achieved.

So that they will always remind you about what you want to get.

And the most important thing, if families and relatives are also smokers, ask them not to smoke in front of you.

By doing so, you will feel more eager to leave your old habits.

3. Set a target date

Set a target date, that is, set how long you should be completely smoke-free. For example, you set a time within 2-3 weeks ahead you must be free from your smoking habit.

Perhaps, in the meantime you will feel stress. However, do not worry, by the time targets, make plans to reduce the number of cigarettes each day until the target date that you specify.

Remember, do not need to be all at once, but piecemeal. It would be so much better that you will not feel too heavy to leave this habit.

4. Make a schedule

In this fourth tips, you are expected to make a specific schedule. Make a schedule that is not too tight but not too loose. This is done to tolerate if there is a ‘violation’.

Because maybe, in the schedule and the target time that you create. You will experience a period where you have a strong will to do old habits in smoking.

Especially in the first three days, you may still find it hard to quit smoking. However, do not be disappointed, you can start it again.

Keep trying, because only few people succeed in their first trial.

Therefore, scheduling is one of the things that is important in helping you to abandon the habit of smoking.

5. Begin with the easy way

Start with the easy way is a good start for you so that you can quit smoking completely.

Try to record the condition where when you really need a cigarette or a condition where you are more likely to smoke, for example, if at times you feel tired, anxious, lonely, watching television, playing cards, coffee, or other conditions.

If you’ve been recording these conditions, give ratings 0-5, with 0 the criteria for the condition in which the only needed cigarettes and 5 for a condition where you smoke like a “train”.

Then, after you get the conditions in which you smoke like a “train”, begin to reduce smoking in these conditions gradually. It is very nice to you and will increase your confidence to proceed to further step, if you successfully pass the condition.

So, find your toughest conditions in smoking and start subtracting the easy way, is a good start.

6. Avoid habits that make you smoke

The next step, once you start it with a good start in tips nomber 5, try to avoid any customs or any reason that could make you come back again to smoke.

For example drink coffee, alcohol, night party, and others. However, if you can not resist the temptation to do that, alternatively try to drink milk, eating more fruits and vegetables.

Because the survey results show that the food or drinking milk can cause a bad taste in cigarettes. Thus, you will feel and think back to smoking.

In essence, avoid habits that often you are doing combined with cigarettes.

7. Look for another flurry

Looking for other activity which is one of the highly effective tips to make you forget to smoking. It is recommended to be done, especially at the beginning you start to quit smoking.

Avoid times when you are alone. Because it can remind you of smoking. It would be better if you are looking for the bustle out there.

You can do positive activities such as exercising, going to the gym, walking or even cycling.

These activities will make you think that life is more enjoyable without cigarettes.

8. Rest / sleep more

It is strongly recommended, especially for those of you who like to sleep late at night. The habit of staying up late will make you the desire to smoke. And usually it is a bad habit for a smoker.

Make a time schedule to bed early, this is not only good for health but it can make you forget to smoking.

In addition, your desire to quit smoking will make you tired mind and soul. To get rid of all of that, try to sleep early.

9. Drink more water

Water is believed effective in removing the toxins in our body as toxins in cigarettes that you suction during this time. This is good for your health, and can make you forget to smoke.

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10. Visit a non-smoking places

Try to visit and spend time in non-smoking areas, for example, a bookstore or library. You can also get other benefits if you spend time in the library, the gain extensive knowledge about anything.

However, if you and your friends are planning to go out to spend time with a cup of tea or coffee, look for non-smoking places. This will help you resist the urge to smoke.

11. Keep your hands busy

Why do you have to make your hands busy? Because it has been proven that one of the reasons why people remain smoking is because smoking has relationship with what to do with their hand.

So, to reduce it, make your hands busy. You could hold a pencil or whatever, as long as you do not hold a cigarette.

Seize anything that can trick you out of the mechanical movement of smoking.

12. Avoid the temptation of smoking after a meal

Smoking after a meal is a habit that is often done by most smokers. They will be in a hurry to smoke after eating. Try to avoid this habit.

If you always eat together with the family, you can take advantage of this moment to not smoke. Try to chat and enjoy time with the family on dinner table without cigarettes.

13. Do not fall into “traps one cigarette”

Hold your temptation to smoke “just one cigarette”. Remember, if you once fall into the device, usually there will be “one cigarette” others that can make you go back to smoking.

However, if you do the mistake. Do not punish yourself too hard and try to think that this was a first mistake for you to be free from cigarettes.

And remember, do not ever make that mistake again.

14. Try using nicotine replacement

If you feel disturbed by the absence of nicotine, or you did not manage to stop smoking at the beginning of your target. You can search for a replacement for cigarettes, you can search for candy or gum.

This can be powerful enough to distract you in cigarettes.

By replacing the smoking habit with something else would be powerful enough to make you free from cigarettes.

15. Try acupuncture

Acupuncture is one of the natural methods of treatment on nicotine like a cigarette. This acupuncture is the treatment which is safe and painless.

You should try.

This treatment method can reduce the intensity of symptoms such as psychological distress, anxiety, tension, depression, and a feeling of emptiness caused by long-term use of medications such as nicotine.

And you can feel the usefulness only in one to five visits treatment.

In addition, the survey also indicates that acupuncture can improve the vitality and fertility and helps the brain to think clearly.

16. Reward for yourself

Because you are already working hard to live every day without a cigarette, it feels better for you to reward you for your hard work over the years.

As an idea, we suggest you to go for a walk or a vacation with your family.

This can make you more confident and more passion to live a healthy lifestyle without cigarettes

17. Watch your diet

The majority of smokers who are already running a program to quit smoking will gain weight their bodies are constantly raise several kilograms. This is because they will tend to be a lot of eating or snacking as a cigarette substitute action.

So, you also need to pay attention to your body weight. Consider to consult to a doctor or nutritionist about this. As well as consider to follow the diet for the first few months.

Want to know the powerful diet tips? please read the article at the following link.

18. Think positive

Think positive, do not you think that quitting smoking is a big sacrifice or even as a severe punishment.

Think that you will get tremendous benefits by not smoking.

Keep those positive thoughts, so you can go through all these stages.

19. Accept your weaknesses

Reconciliation with your weaknesses, and do not isolate yourself because you feel dependent on tobacco. The fact is that if smoke has no use, then no one would smoke.

The solution is capable of gradually stuffing your brain with information about the negative effects of smoking. So that, in the end, you can be able to change your perception that you will get the most benefit if you quit smoking.

20. Smoking consciously

What’s this mean? The point is when you are doing activities where you always combine it with smoke, said “now I am going to smoke”.

This will help you slowly remove cigarettes from other concurrent activities, such as driving, surfing the internet or talking on the phone. Realizing smoking in the long term will help overcome the problem of “smoke involuntarily”.

21. Quit smoking – From now

If you’ve read all the way to quit smoking and a healthy lifestyle without smoking, and you also have the will to do so, why not start your business from now?

So, set a target date you and try to follow the steps that we have given above.

Stop smoking because it is really useful for you and your health.

It is your choice. Do you want to live a healthy life without cigarettes or live with cigarette accompanied by a wide range of negative things that can be found in the future?

This option absolutely is in your hands.

Well, Health Tips Seekers, that’s 21 Tips on a Healthy Lifestyle in Quitting Smoking we can give to you. Hopefully it can useful and can help you who want to quit smoking.

Look forward to other health tips article from us.

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