Healthy Lifestyle Plan for Teenagers Today

Healthy Lifestyle – I feel very sad when seeing the life of teenagers in today. They did not seem to have a good healthy lifestyle plan. They have a lifestyle that should not be done by teenagers. They not only do a solid rushing as a student but also a habit out of it.

Moreover, if we look at the lives of the youth in large cities. They probably do not deserve to be called as teenagers, because of their habit is far from teenagers. They often go out at night, hanging out with their friends and come home at midnight and even until the morning again.

Indeed, it is a habit that does not make sense. Many teens are supposed to learn and deepen their knowledge, but they just do things that are beyond reasonable.
Whereas, adolescence or infancy is a golden period in which they should do positive activities in order to grow and develop their talents to become a smart people in the future.

The Importance of Healthy Lifestyle Plan Implementation for Teenagers

Healthy Lifestyle Plan for Teenagers Today
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Considering the various activities or habits that are less reasonable is often done by teens, like going out at night, doing a wild race on the highway, eating fast food or junk food, smoking, even to drink alcohol, they may not know the impact that they will get from their habits.

Whereas, implementing a healthy lifestyle for teenagers is a very important thing to do. Because this can be a priceless investment in the future.

What Investments do they would get if they could implement a healthy lifestyle? The answer, they will receive exceptional health because health is an exceptional investment for our lives.

For example, you can see the conditions around you, a lot of young people today who own a wide range of health problems. Many teens who already suffer from heartburn because their diet is unhealthy and irregular.

In fact, there are so many teenagers now who already suffering from severe diseases such as cancer.

Imagine, in the teenage years, they had been suffering from cancer, and how about their fate in the future if they already like this now.

The Disease that Afflicts Teenagers Now Due to Not Implementing a Healthy Lifestyle

If you (teenagers) are reading this article, you need to know some of the diseases that have been suffered by teens now. Whereas formerly, these diseases often affects adults.

1. Coronary Heart/Heart Attack

It is a disease that attacks the heart and can cause sudden death. In the past, this disease can occur in adulthood and even old age. But now, many young people who already had this disease.

Why does coronary heart can strike teens now? Of course, because their lifestyle is not healthy. Eating junk food and rarely doing exercise are things that trigger the onset of this disease begins with deep vein thrombosis.

If the blockage of blood vessels can not be resolved, then death could snatch you anytime.

2. Cancer

Cancer is a malignant disease because it can cause death, in addition to coronary heart disease. Why cancer is often referred to as a malignant disease? This is because some cancers can not yet found a cure.

You should know, the disease is characterized by abnormalities arising cell cycle. Most cancers form are a tumor that appear on the body, but some are not. For example, leukemia or blood cancer. The disease is triggered by free particles such as air pollution or smoke.

Yes, smoking is a major contributor to the incidence of cancer. And unfortunately, a lot of teenagers who did it. They swap their health in cigarettes that can cause disease and kills them anytime.

3. Stomach ulcer or Maag

Currently, the Maag has become a disease that is often experienced by teenagers. Maag or often referred to as a stomach ulcer is a disease caused due to an injury or inflammation of the stomach.

Gastroenteritis is usually caused by irregular eating patterns, food intake can damage the stomach, such as spicy foods, carbonated drinks to alcoholic beverages. Additionally, Maag can also be caused by stress or depression.

Moreover, If Maag does not treat immediately, it will cause cancer and other diseases that can lead to death.

That’s the three diseases which are often experienced by the teenagers now. The three diseases, in fact, are diseases that can be categorized as severe disease. Previously, in general, these diseases attack only those who are elderly.

But look now, a lot of teens who have a history of such serious illnesses. This happens because teenagers do not apply a healthy lifestyle. They only think about momentary pleasure without thinking about what they will get in the future.

Unfortunately, if There are a lot of teenagers who can not implement a healthy lifestyle in their youth. Whereas, they should have a more positive activities and healthy so that they can maximize their potential.

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Some Healthy Lifestyle Plan that should be run by Teenagers Today

Seeing the lives of the teenagers now, it might seem difficult to run healthier lifestyle. But if they could think that health is a worthwhile investment, they would change their lifestyle.

Well, Health Tips Seekers, then what are the factors or what healthy and positive activities that should be run by teenagers now?

Here we will describe to you 5 things about healthy lifestyle plan for teenagers should be done now.

1. Eating Good and Healthy

The most important thing that must be endured by teenagers are doing a good diet with regular and proper nutrition levels. How to do that? At least you should stay away or do not eat fast food or junk food.

By doing this, you are able to reduce the risk of serious diseases, as we already discussed above.

In addition, adjusting the diet will greatly affect the health of your brain. For example, people who run diet of carbohydrates will look can concentrate and emotional. This is due to the lack of nutrients in foods that they eat.

So, set a regular diet and maintain nutrition will greatly help in maintaining your health and supporting the performance of your brain so that it can maximize the talent that you have.

2. Sports

Doing exercise is a positive activity that should be done by the teenagers. But now very few teenagers who do it. They are more complacent in a negative environment like hanging out with friends, play games and drink alcohol.

Though it is not only can make our bodies healthy, it is also will automatically increase our stamina and make us more spirit.

Moreover, the best part, this exercise can produce endorphins. This hormone is known as the hormone that causes a feeling of joy. So, in other words, exercise can make us happier.

And if you feel happier, you can avoid stress and depression conditions. As a result, you can avoid severe diseases.

3. Positive Thinking

Positive thinking may be a very difficult thing to do by the teenagers now. This is because now there are so many temptations and distractions that hit the teens. For example, the Internet world, adolescents close to the world of the Internet and on the Internet a lot of things that are negative.

However, if the teenagers can use the Internet for positive things, of course, it could be a good thing.

And the key is to try to be in a positive environment, for example in the environment who like to do sports. Thus, we will be brought to always think and do positive things.

Furthermore, read books that are positive, may be other positive activities that you can do. By doing so, you will always be able to think positively.

4. Well-regulated Rest

Teens are always required to have high activity and it requires a sufficient recovery period. One way of the way is to take regular and sufficient rest.

And you should know, the hormones in our body are always active even when we are sleeping. Thus, regular and sufficient sleep is needed by the teenagers because it can help them maximize their growth.

5. Proper Supplementation

Nutrients contained in foods of today may be slightly different from the nutrients in foods in past time, perhaps no longer as good as the past. This is because a lot of the food was produced by using chemicals that are dangerous for the body.

For example, now, fruits planted by fruit farmers are no longer grown naturally, but the fruits are given pesticides and other chemical substances. And when the pesticide enter into our bodies, in the long term, it can trigger a wide range of other dangerous diseases.

Seeing that condition now, at this time teens need macro-nutrients contained in additional supplements such as protein supplements.


Alright Health Tips Seekers, 5 healthy lifestyle plan is very important to be done by the teenagers now so that they can be healthy, and can maximize the potential that they have.

And for teens, from now on you have to think twice if you do not have a healthy lifestyle. Of course, you do not want to get many severe diseases at a young age, do you?

If you do not want all that happen to you. From now on you should try to live what we have explained above, and run your healthy lifestyle plan.

Hopefully, this article about a healthy lifestyle for teenagers today could be useful for you as readers and especially for teenagers.

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