The Top 9 Healthy Fast Weight Loss Tips in a Month

Weight Loss – Are you looking for a healthy fast weight loss tips? Losing weight for some people is very difficult, especially for those who are lazy to do some exercises. But, It does not mean that you can not do anything to lose weight. You can do some things that can help you to lose weight.

Having an ideal body weight will be influential on our appearance. Especially for a woman, their appearance is an important thing. Because, basically, women always want to look beautiful and charming.

Therefore, losing weight fast and healthy, is the biggest dream of almost all women in the world.

Actually, to lose weight, you just need to set a healthier lifestyle first. As reported by, there are some easy and simple way you can do, so you can reduce your weight within a month.

What are some easy and simple ways to lose weight fast and healthy? Let’s have a look at our explanation below.

9 Tips to lose weight in a month as a fast and healthy

The Top 9 Healthy Fast Weight Loss Tips in a Month
(The Top 9 Healthy Fast Weight Loss Tips in a Month, Photo Source : commons(dot)wikimedia(dot)org)

1. Eat Less Meat

The first tip is to eat less meat. Why do we have to eat less meat? Because, basically, the meat has bad fats which are not good for the health. If you eat too much meat, automatically, the fat in your body will increase. And if you’re too lazy to do sports, of course, it will be accumulated in your body.

One solution is to replace your meat menu with vegetables and vegetable protein. Vegetables are known as good food for the body because these vegetables can captivate your fat in your body.

In addition, for the vegetable protein, you can get it from fish. Fish is a food that can substitute for the meat, which is healthier. This is because fish contains omega-3 fats are known to be very good for our bodies.

Not only that, omega 3 that is contained in fish, can make our skin more gentle and healthier. Who don’t want to have such a healthy skin? Of course, all of you want it, is not it?

So, from now on, reduce the intake of meat that you consume each day.

2. Eat Fruit Routinely Every Day

The second tip, is to eat fruits on a daily basis. Have no doubt, fruits are foods that have excellent benefits for our bodies. There are so many health benefits that we can get from eating fruit.

Fruits can facilitate the digestive system of our body. In addition, the fruit can also shuffle cards fat in the intestine and helps remove it more effectively.

You can be creative with the fruits that you want to eat. You can make it as a fresh juice or a healthy fruit salad.

Thus, the most important thing is trying to eat fruit every day, so your body will be more healthy.

3. Sleep Enough

Next tip is sleeping enough. Sleep is a routine activity that is needed by the body. After a full day activity, your body definitely needs a break. And sleep is the best for the rest of your body.

Try to sleep enough each day as much as 8 hours. Because with enough sleep, your body will be more healthy and fresh.

Stay up late and sleep deprivation will actually trigger the body to have snacking and eat more.

So make enough sleep schedule every day so that your body will be more healthy and fresh, and avoid snacking and eating a lot.

4. Limit your sugar intake

Yes, and you are expected to be able to limit the intake of sugar that you consume. From now on, you have to think twice when you want to eat sweet foods such as chocolate, a donut, or a sweet drink.

Reduce your intake of sugar that you consume is a good move so that you can lose weight more quickly. Because the sugar contains a lot of calories and can store fat in your body.

A solution that you can do in addition to reducing sugar intake into the body, you can also replace higher-calorie sugar with sugar which has a low calorie, so it is safe to consume.

In addition, eating too much sugar can cause a variety of diseases, one of them is diabetes.

So, you should be more careful to yourself. Care about yourself by reducing drinking and eating sweets. A maximum intake of sugar in the drink is 1 cup of sugary drinks per day.

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5. Adjust Your Diet Menu

Next is you have to set up your own diet menu. Try to make a healthy menu every day. Arrange the intake of calories and nutrients that you will consume.

For example, if you consume a lot of foods in an early morning breakfast that is rich in carbohydrates, preferably at lunch schedule, you should consume a lot of foods which rich in protein. Thus, the intake that you consume become balanced.

One more, when you are eating, it is recommended to chew food slowly. By doing so, the food that you eat will be easier to digest and you will not become hungry easily.

In essence, adjusting the diet or your daily diet is important to support your goal in losing weight in a relatively quick time.

If you want to run a special diet program and confused with what kind of diet program that you want to run, you can try a diet program that we have discussed in previous articles. You can read it here.

6. Avoid Ordering Food Outside

If you and the family often go out to eat, such as go to the restaurant, from now on you should reduce it. This is because the dishes that we eat in out, is not necessarily healthy and good for health.

Typically, foods in restaurants contain a lot of fat and calories which are very high. It can be derived from the number of oil, sugar, salt and spices that are used in the cooking.

Remember that the intake of fat and excess calories into the body, it could threaten the health of our bodies. Moreover, if it is consumed regularly. It will cause various health problems in the future. Thus, excess fat and calories are not really needed for your body.

A solution that you can use is to cook your own food at home every day. Thus, you will be able to control the various intake of fat and calories in your food.

In addition, by cooking in your own home, you will get more happiness by gatherings with family in your home.

7. Do Exercise Routinely

The most influential tip in weight loss is exercise. If you’ve been dieting correctly, but you don’t balance it with regular exercise, you will not get the maximum results.

You do not need to do exercise with difficult movement, you simply do the exercise with slight movements you can do at home. For example sit-ups or push-ups.

If you like the fresh air and beautiful scenery, you can do a track. Running is a sport that is cheap but has an effect that is so great for your health.

Additionally, if you have a bike at home, why do not you do cycling outdoors. Of course, cycling is a healthy sport and fun.

The point is making yourself move on. You are expected to sweat every day. Because by the movements of exercise that you do, the fat in our body can quickly burn, and marked by numerous sweat.

So, try to exercise regularly, at least, 3 times a week. It can help you to lose weight fast and healthy.

8. Avoid soft drinks

Yes, you may be thinking, why do we should avoid this soft drinks while they have no fat?

It is true that soft drinks do not have fat that can contribute directly to our body. However, these soft drinks contain high enough calories. Each gram of carbonated drinks could provide 7 intakes of calories into your body.

Thus, each day, soft drinks can add 245 calories to your body. A fairly large number.

Well, if you want to lose weight in 1 month, you should say no to carbonated beverages.

9. Varying food that you consume each day

Varying the food consumed, can reduce the boredom of routine activity which you live on. In addition, it is also intended to provide balanced nutrition to your body.

Try not to eat the same menu, more than once, on the day. It is more recommended if you eat food with small portion but you eat them more often.

And in choosing the food, try to choose foods that are fresh and healthy. And do not forget to drink 8 glasses of water a day that serves as a natural detoxification so that toxins and fat in our body can get out easily.

Well, Health Tips Seekers, by trying 9 tips above you can lose your weight fast and healthy in a month. Of course, the thing that you have to notice is beside you have to run it with discipline, you also must have a strong commitment.

Commitment and discipline in carrying out all the above tips can bring you to the maximum results you want.

Hopefully, 9 tips that we presented above can be useful to you, become a reference and help you lose your weight in a month.


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