Tips on How to Do the Right OCD Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet – Do you running a healthy diet program? What kind of diet program do you running? Then, Do you know a Healthy Diet OCD Program? If you do not know, see our explanation regarding one of diet program that is claimed to be a very effective way to get the ideal body.

OCD or Obsessive Corbuzier Diet is a diet program that is created and developed by a reliable and well-known mentalist magicians in Indonesia, named Deddy Corbuzier. Yes, OCD is taken from the name of the creator of this diet program.

OCD (Obsessive Corbuzier Diet) itself, is a diet program to lose fat in the body, so that we can have an ideal body by way of fasting for 3 months.

Seeing this program maker, you might be a little bit do not believe in the effectiveness of this program. Because Deddy Corbuzier is a magician, not a gymnastics instructor, fitness or health professional.

However, you have to believe, because this diet has been proven effective in eliminating fat in the body. This is evidenced by Deddy body Corbuzier who have a healthy body, and is very athletic.

He also explained that, the correct OCD diet will provide maximum results. If someone does OCD diet, the body will increase Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

Medically, the hormone is known as the fitness hormone which can control and maintain various important body functions.

If you are interested in doing this OCD diet program, you should do so seriously and with a strong desire.

Tips on How to Do the Right OCD Healthy Diet
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Then, how do we do the correct OCD diet program?

In this article we will explain it to you. However, you need to understand, that the diet program, that is created by Deddy Corbuzier, caused some pros and cons of some experts. Even, there are some nutritionists who do not agree with the OCD diet program.

There are several things that make the most nutritionists do not agree with this OCD diet program. One of them is the suggestion that we should fast during this OCD diet. This is in contrast to the opinion of many nutritionists stating that fasting can reduce the body’s metabolism.

In addition, OCD also does not suggest someone for breakfast in the morning. It is also, of course, different from the opinion of nutrition experts who advised us to always have breakfast in the morning.

Beyond all that, there is also an opinion that OCD can make our muscles shrink. Then if OCD is done by women, it can make a woman becomes infertile.

Looking at the various opinions that exist, then how do we do a correct OCD healthy diet? Is OCD safe?

Safe or unsafe, all depends on the people who run this OCD diet. If you do it right and proper, of course you will get maximum results.

But if you do it arbitrarily and not in accordance with the rules, OCD diet most likely will fail. However, it does not mean that OCD diet is not safe or dangerous.

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Tips on How to do a healthy OCD Diet properly

Who are allowed to do this OCD diet program? Basically everyone can do, as long as they have will and determination. However, this diet is highly recommended to be done by men or women who are obese or overweight.

The correct way to do OCD diet is the method of fasting for 16 hours, 18 hours, 20 hours, to 24 hours. Thus, it makes you just should not eat within 4-8 hours of the day and eventually you will eat once a day.

However, in doing so you have to be careful, do not let you do this program lightly. However it is strongly recommended you do this fasting OCD gradually.

Deifying an athlete lifting weights, the load is lifted weighs certainly will not be at the same time lift the heaviest load, but the load is lifted will be added gradually.

As with dieting OCD. It is also intended to condition our bodies can better adjust to a diet program that is run.

First, you have to adapt to fast for at least 16 hours in advance, then the longer growing time to run fast.

Most in every diet, in general, you are required to reduce their intake of fat and white rice.

However, OCD diet is quite unique. You are not forbidden to consume a variety of foods. Of course, as long as you eat all the food portions are not excessive.

So, OCD diet program is suitable for those of you who do not want to leave their favorite foods. Indeed, Deddy Cobuzier, in his e-book about OCD diet, suggest that you do not change your diet and the foods you eat.

Well, the Health Tips Seekers, the following are the stages of the correct healthy OCD diet program.

1. Fasting 16 Hours

At this stage, you should be able to hold yourself to not eat for 16 hours. Thus, you should only can eat in 8 hours, three times a day.

Basically, fasting is equal to fasting which is often done by Muslims. However, the difference is, in this OCD diet, you are still allowed to drink.

2. Fasting 18 Hours

Furthermore, if you are already familiar and adapt well to fasting which you have done for 16 hours, we advise you to proceed to the next stage. In this stage, you have to fast for 18 hours. In other words, you only have 6 hours to eat.

3. Fasting 20 Hours

The next stage, if you are familiar with fasting for 18 hours. Then you are ready to make the next stage where you have to fast for 20 hours with meal times only 4 hours a day. And it is advised to eat at 2 pm only.

Perhaps this will be hard, but you have to rethink the goals you want to achieve and the results you will get.

4. Fasting 24 Hours

And in this last stage, if you are already accustomed to fasting for 16, 18, and 20 hours, you should be fasting or starve for 24 hours. Where you are only allowed to drink.

In this satge, it is highly recommended to drinks some beverages that contain many ions, tea drinks, mineral water and milk only.

It is extreme, is not it? However, you will get amazing results.

Well, the Health Tips Seekers, that’s the way or stages to do a healthy OCD diet properly. Now, Are you ready to perform this OCD diet program?

When you are ready, maybe some food menu below can help you, so that you succeed in doing this diet program.

Suitable Foods Menu for OCD Diet

According to a doctor or nutritionist, a healthy diet should balanced with exercise and a correct foods intake.

In doing this OCD diet, Deddy Corbuzier as the creator of this diet program does not forbid you to eat a variety of foods, the origin is still within reasonable limits and do during the hours that have been determined.

And you are strongly advised to consume carbohydrates approximately 50-60 grams a day. However, you should also pay attention to intake of carbohydrates you eat. Choose the best quality of carbohydrate intake.

The best quality of carbohydrates found in foods such as wholemeal bread, nuts, legumes, wholegrain, or fruits. Later, to make the rice that you eat becomes more nutritious, you are also advised to add a heart shelled, peas and carrots boiled in the rice.

Well, the Health Tips Seekers, that’s all the discussion of a healthy diet made through OCD Program Diet (Obsessive Corbuzier Diet). In essence, every diet program, if we done properly and appropriately in accordance with the rules, and also with determination and a strong desire, it will deliver maximum results.

Hopefully this discussion can be useful and could be your reference in a healthy diet.

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