Super Health Benefits of Eating Seaweed for Body

Healthy Foods – Do you already know about the health benefits of eating seaweed? If you are a fan of a variety of foods prepared from seaweed, we are sure you would already know that seaweed has a wide range of health benefits for our bodies.

Seaweed itself is a species of algae that has no stems, leaves or roots. The shape is varied depending on the species, which provided an added value to those who consume them.

There are many things that you would get if you could consume seaweed on a regular basis and with ample servings, especially for the health of your body. One of them, seaweed can help reduce the risk of bone loss, can prevent cancer, until help you lose weight.

Hmm … This is a tremendous benefit, is not it?

If you want to know more abut the health benefits of eating seaweed, please read this entire article.

Nutritional Benefits contained in Seaweed

Super Health Benefits of Eating Seaweed for Body
(Super Health Benefits of Eating Seaweed for Body, Photo Source : commons(dot)wikimedia(dot)org)

Seaweed could be categorized as sea vegetables. And of course, according to the US Department of Agriculture, vegetables have a major contribution to the needs of your daily food intake of about 17.5 cups for women and 21 cups for men.

In addition, like most other vegetables, seaweed contains raw low calorie. For example, wakame seaweed, It is a kind of seaweed that contains less than 20 calories.

Based on this, eating seaweed has some health benefits for the human body because the seaweed is a rich source of essential nutrients for health.

Then, what are the important nutrients?

Here we describe, essential nutrients contained in seaweed and its benefits for the health of our body, which we quoted from and

1. Vitamin K

Seaweed is a good source of vitamin K for bone health. Vitamin K is a nutrient that can be dissolved in fat. In addition, vitamin K can communicate with platelets (cells that form blood clots).

Is it true that vitamin K can communicate with platelets?

Yes, vitamin K can communicate with platelets. If you are injured, vitamin K helps send chemical signals that would tell the platelets to collect and form blood clots. Thus, our bodies will be able to stop the flow of blood to the wound.

It is remarkable, is not it?

It turned out that the seaweed has vitamin K which helps platelets in stopping the flow of blood in a wound in our body.

Furthermore, some types of seaweed can help us to achieve on a daily intake of vitamin K, which is about 90 micrograms to 120 micrograms for women or men.

2. Calcium

If you add seaweed to the diet, it will help in increasing the intake of important minerals such as calcium. And as you know that calcium plays an important role in mencaga healthy bones and teeth strong.

This forms part of the calcium hydroxyapatite (a mineral tissue that makes up most of the bones).

In addition, calcium can help keep muscles, help communication between cells in the body and also contribute greatly to the function of the nervous system.

And in fact, one serving of seaweed that has a lot of calcium, turned out to be more beneficial than vegetables, broccoli, or nearly the same as the protein in nuts.

3. Iron

Iron is an essential nutrient for our body. If you have low iron levels, you will experience anemia (iron deficiency). It is a condition that is characterized by decreasing the body’s energy levels, skin pale and breathless.

Almost all types of seaweed have an iron content which is nice. With the iron, it will help our body to produce energy that is needed by the body to undergo day-to-day activities.

In addition, iron can help nourish the circulatory system and increases blood flow. And this is very good for blood flow to your brain.

So, adding seaweed into your diet everyday greatly helps the body to reach the requirement of 8 milligrams of iron for men or 18 milligrams of iron for women. In addition, you will also get the benefits of vitamin B-12, vitamin A, and vitamin C.

4. Natural Fibers

Alginate is a natural fiber and found in certain types of seaweed. This natural fiber can help our body to maintain a healthy digestive system and also reduce the absorption of fat in the body.

This is also evidenced by a study conducted by scientists at Newcastle University, namely Dr. Iain Brownlee and Professor Jeff Pearson. They found that eating seaweed will reduce fat digestion more than 75%.

In addition, seaweed fiber helps the body feel full more quickly and prevent you from overeating. Thus, this invention shows that adding seaweed to the diet can help you lose weight and unhealthy cholesterol content in the blood.

5. Omega 3 Fatty Acids

The human body needs healthy fats as part of a balanced diet. And seaweeds provide the healthy fats. Those fats called omega-3 fatty acids.

Site The Dr. Oz Show noted that in a sheet of seaweed (nori) has a number of omega 3 fatty acids that are beneficial for the body. Omega-3 fats can help our bodies to increase healthy HDL cholesterol and lowering levels of harmful LDL cholesterol.

In addition, omega-3 fatty acids also help reduce inflammation in the body. So, it is desperately needed by our bodies and seaweed can supply these omega 3 fatty acids.

6. Iodine

As one of the vegetables, seaweed contains several essential minerals and vitamins required for a healthy balanced diet. One of them is iodine.

According to the website Best Health, a gram of iodine seaweed already provided a daily dose of iodine needed by the body. Iodine is a mineral that is needed to maintain healthy thyroid function.

In addition, there is one type of black seaweed called kombu. Kombu contains fucoxanthin pigments that can help the body convert fat into energy.

See all content of seaweed above, it is clear that this seaweed has various properties and has health benefits for our bodies. So, if we can consume it regularly and in the right amount, we could feel the properties for our body.

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Good Benefits Seaweed for the Body

Seaweed can provide a variety of benefits for health. These benefits, we describe as follows:

1. Prevention of bone loss

Seaweed contains five times more calcium than milk. Thus, for women who are elderly, eating seaweed on a regular basis can prevent the symptoms of osteoporosis or bone loss.

2. Cancer Prevention

Symptoms of cancer can be prevented with the intake of vitamin C regularly and in the right amount.

Why is vitamin C could prevent cancer?

Because vitamin c usually contain antioxidants for the prevention of cancer symptoms. And seaweed provides content of vitamin C that is sufficient for the needs of our bodies every day.

In addition, vitamin C may be helpful in treating skin beauty.

3. Lose weight

For those of you who are on a diet, adding seaweed to your daily diet is highly recommended. This is because seaweed contains natural fiber which can help control weight.

And, again, if you are taking it regularly, it will give the effect of a healthy diet that nourish our bodies.

4. Can reduce symptoms of hypertension

As we know that people who have hypertension, doctors strongly advised reducing food sources that are savory or salty, like salted fish and other foods containing excessive salt content.

Seaweeds can replace the salt intake. Because seaweed has enough salt. Thus, the blood pressure will be more stable.

And this is highly recommended by doctors, for those who suffer from hypertension.

Tips on Adding Seaweed In Food

Well, Health Tips Seekers, for those of you who are interested in the content of seaweed and want to add into your diet daily, you can try adding seaweed tips in the foods, as follow:

There are several ways to add seaweed to the diet.
1. If you are a fan of sushi, you can use a sheet of seaweed which is flattened (nori) are used to roll sushi.
2. You can add the seaweed into a sandwich or add to salad or soup.
3. If you buy a brown seaweed or green, you can add it to bread, pizza, potatoes, pasta, casseroles, stews and soups.
4. You can make chips seaweed with the added benefits of olive oil to a piece of seaweed fresh baked until crisp.

One of the countries that began many take advantage of seaweed as a food supplement in their daily menu is Indonesia. In addition, Indonesia is a country with a very spacious sea area so many areas in Indonesia that produce abundant seaweed.

Indonesian society also has a wide variety of foods prepared from seaweed, such as agar-agar (jelly).

Alright Health Tips Seekers, that’s our explanation of the super benefits that we can get from consuming sea grass regularly. So, it is clear that there are many health benefits of eating seaweed for our health.

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