16 Amazing Healthy Foods for Kidney Disease Patients

Healthy Foods – Hello Health tips Seekers. The kidney is one of the vital body organs. And kidney is a body organ that greatly influences our health as long as we live. Therefore, maintaining kidney health is a crucial thing.

It is advisable to start a healthy lifestyle from now on to avoid kidney disease.

Pay attention to diet, intake of food you eat every day, drink plenty of water and do not always forget to exercise.

However, what if the doctor convicts that you are people with kidney disease?

If that happens, of course, you have to be extra careful in keeping the intake of food you consume.

Since there are some foods that you should consume, and there are also some foods that you should not consume.

Therefore, in this opportunity, we will discuss the amazing sixteen health foods for kidney disease patients.

All sixteen of these foods are foods that are suitable for people with kidney disease based on some research done by experts.

However, before we discuss it further, some things must be considered by patients with kidney disease.

Things to Consider for Kidney Disease Patients

When you adjudged as patients with kidney disease, the doctor would advise you to be more careful in the activity and also the food you consume.

No too heavy activity is one of the examples.

However, so that your kidney disease is not getting worse, there are some things you should look into the problem of food intake that you consume each day.

At least, there are four things you should avoid.

1. Limiting fluids

When people drink lots of water, it is very useful for maintaining healthy kidneys.

But if you are with kidney disease, excess fluid intake into the body will be harmful to your kidneys.

It is because it will aggravate the performance of your organs.

Therefore, limit the liquids that go into your body.

2. Do a little protein diet

If you decide to go on a low protein diet, it is the wrong thing.

Protein is a source of good nutrition for people with kidney disease. Amino acids found in protein can help restore the health of your kidneys.

So make sure you do not do that.

Even so, experts advise not to eat foods that contain too much protein.

Too much is not good for the kidneys.

3. Restricting salt, potassium, phosphorous, and other electrolytes

Kidneys work based on the intake into the body.

Salt, potassium, phosphorous and other electrolytes are substances that can at least make the performance more severe kidney.

Therefore, serve the best food by limiting the use of salt in the making process.

4. Get balanced calories intake

Kidney disease will certainly make you stress and lose weight.

However, you have to pay attention still to the intake of calories into your body.

It doesn’t mean that you should not eat, but you should limit the amount and type of food you consume each day.

Foods with enough calories are highly recommended for patients so that the have enough energy to perform activities.

That’s all four things that must be considered by patients with kidney disease.

Healthy kidneys will produce a healthy body and unhealthy organs, of course, will create an unhealthy body.

Many things cause kidney disease, including lifestyle, diet and the food itself.

Next, we will discuss what food which is suitable for patients with kidney disease.

16 Super Healthy Foods for People With Kidney Disease

16 Amazing Healthy Foods for Kidney Disease Patients
(16 Amazing Healthy Foods for Kidney Disease Patients, Photo Source : commons(dot)wikimedia(dot)org)

Loving the kidneys is a must.

But if you have already become people with kidney disease, you are strongly advised to consume some foods that we will show you to help you treat your kidney.

What are those healthy foods?

Here we discuss sixteen healthy foods for kidney disease patients.

1. Apples

One medium-sized apple has a sodium content of 0, 158 mg of potassium and 10 mg of phosphorus.

Apples are known as fruit which suitable for those who go on a diet. The fruit is also good for preventing heart attacks and cancer.

However, not only that. Apples are also good for your kidneys.

Apple is a recommended fruit for people with kidney disease based on some experts research.

It is because apples can help remove toxins in the body and cleanse the kidneys.

However, they are also advised to consume only half of the apples with the reason that the apple contains enough water.

And we know, people with kidney disease should limit their intake of fluid into the body.

Note that, only patients who are still at an early stage that may consume this apple.

For those who already entered the chronic stage, it would be better steer clear of eating this apple.

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2. Grapes

Within ½ cup of grapes (± 110 g), there is the content of 1 mg sodium, potassium at 88 mg and 4 mg of phosphorus.

Grapes is also known as healthy foods suitable for people with kidney disease.

It is because grapes have the same properties as an apple, which has the function of detoxification or cleansing the kidneys.

But, still, you have to pay attention to the intake of grapes because the water content of the grapes is quite a lot.

You just consume up to two to three fruits per day.

3. Cherry

1/2 cup (± 110 g) of cherry contains 0 mg sodium, 160 mg potassium, and 15 mg phosphorus.

Cherry has antioxidants that are good enough so that people with kidney disease is very suitable to consume this fruit.

Also, the cherry can work as an anti-inflammatory which means it can repair the damaged kidney.

Moreover, cherry protein content is insufficient quantities. You do not worry about the amount of protein that goes into your body.

And another point is consuming cherries can reduce levels of potassium in the body and nourish the kidneys.

4. Garlic

Garlic is a material that is very easy once you get. You can even find garlic in the kitchen.

However, garlic has remarkable efficacy for patients with kidney disease.

And the experts strongly recommend that people with kidney disease add garlic to each of their daily diet menus.

The experts found that garlic could prevent the oxidation process, prevent blood clotting, reduce cholesterol levels in the body and also can prevent inflammation.

It is because in one clove garlic contains 1 mg sodium, 12 mg potassium, and 4 mg of phosphorus.

To get optimal results, you are advised to eat raw garlic.

5. Sprouts / Bean Sprouts

You need to know that people with kidney disease should not carelessly consume vegetables.

However, bean sprout is a vegetable that is excellent for your kidneys because it can cleanse the kidneys and avoid the formation of kidney stones.

Eating raw sprouts basis is highly recommended to obtain the maximum efficacy of bean sprouts.

Just calm down, bean sprouts taste quite delicious, although you eat them raw.

6. Onion

It is not only garlic, but onion is also excellent for people with kidney disease.

Onion can eliminate toxins in the body and cleanse the kidneys, and some people have proved this.

You can consume this raw onion and mixed with another food menu.

7. Red Bell Peppers

Red bell pepper contains outstanding nutritional for people with kidney disease. It contains fiber, folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin B6 and vitamin C which is required by the body.

Moreover, red bell peppers do not contain excessive potassium like paprika with other colors.

And red bell peppers are known as a healthy food that can alleviate kidney disease and also prevents the growth of cancer in the body.

Experts strongly recommend to include red bell peppers into your diet menu every day because in 1/2 cup (± 110 gr) red peppers contain 1 mg sodium, 88 mg potassium, and 10 mg phosphorus.

8. Olive Oil

If you are cooking food in the kitchen, consider the oil that you use to cook.

Choosing the wrong cooking oil can be fatal to the health of the body.

There are lots of choice of cooking oil you can use, but the oil from the olives is the best oil.

Especially, for people with kidney disease.

Olive oil contains anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and fatty acids (HDL) that can help nourish the kidney.

And you need to know that in 1 tablespoon of olive oil contains <1 mg sodium, potassium <1 mg and 0 mg of phosphorus.

Olive oil is food that is incredible, is not it?

9. Cabbage / Pumpkin

1/2 cup (± 110 g) of cabbage contains 6 mg sodium, 60 mg potassium, and 9 mg of phosphorus.

Patients with kidney disease are not recommended to consume carbohydrates such as rice, cassava, potatoes, and wheat.

And to replace it, cabbage is a suitable food for patients with kidney disease.


Because cabbage is not only the best alternative source of carbohydrates but also contains a lot of vitamins that serve as an enhancer of renal function.

So, your kidney will be healthier.

10. Yogurt

Limiting the intake of minerals into the body does not mean that you do not consume minerals at all.

But it all depends on your kidney condition.

Yogurt is one of the minerals that contain probiotics which can nourish the kidneys and expel the harmful bacteria from the body.

Thus, yogurt is a good mineral intake for patients with kidney disease.

However, you should also pay attention to the dose of yogurt that you consume.

11. Fish

Patients with kidney disease should not eat a lot of weight proteins such as protein contained in red meat, chicken, shrimp and other meat.

However, it does not mean that you can not eat meat at all.

Fish is one of the sources of protein that is appropriate for people with kidney disease because they contain omega3 which can reduce inflammation in the body.

And highly recommended fish are salmon, mackerel, and tuna.

In 85 grams of salmon contains 50 mg sodium, 368 mg potassium, and 274 mg of phosphorus.

12. Assorted Spices

It is not delicious when you eat food without seasoning or spices, right?

Although people with kidney disease severely restrict the food intake and total calories, food intake still can be mixed with various spices or herbs.

You can still use ginger, turmeric, and coriander into your daily diet menu.

Precisely these three kinds of seasoning or spice have a high function to purify the blood, cleanse the kidneys and maintain healthy kidneys.

13. Raspberry

Raspberry is an amazing fruit. 1/2 cup (± 110 g) of raspberries contains 0 mg sodium, 93 mg potassium, and 7 mg of phosphorus.

Raspberry is one type of fruit that is most suitable for people with kidney disease.

The content of phytonutrients known as the ellagic acid in raspberries. It may help the damaged kidneys by neutralizing free radicals to prevent cell damage.

Besides, raspberries contain many flavonoids that are anthocyanins as the cause of the red color on the fruit.

Furthermore, this fruit also contains a lot of manganese, vitamin C, fiber, folate and vitamin B.

The experts also stated that the fruit is also very effective at killing cancer cells.

14. Strawberry

Maybe you always consume strawberries every day. In fact, even the children are very fond of this small red fruit.

You need to know that in 1/2 cup (± 110 gr) containing 1 mg sodium, 120 mg potassium and 13 mg of phosphorus.

Strawberry is known as a great fruit in preventing cancer. However, not only that, but it is also very useful in maintaining the health of the kidneys.

It contains two phenol substances. They are anthocyanins and ellagitannins. Both phenol contents are vital in the formation of body structures.

Anthocyanins are one of the phenol substances which has a function as antioxidants.

Moreover, both substances have an agent phenol red color on strawberry. In fact, this material becomes very necessary to prevent oxidative damage.

Do you know?

Strawberry is a source of fiber and vitamin C which is important as the astringent and anti-inflammatory components.

With the incredible content of strawberry, you can maintain good kidney health.

15. Blueberry

The fruits of this family berries are the very remarkable fruit. It is small, but not with the usefulness.

1/2 cup (± 110 g) of blueberries contains 4 mg sodium, 65 mg potassium, and 7 mg of phosphorus.

The blue color of blueberries is one of the effects of antioxidants called anthocyanidins.

The fit-nutrient or antioxidants content of blueberries and other various types of berries have been shown to help prevent bone loss, according to a study.

Also, the content of blueberries is also compelling enough to maintain healthy kidneys.

16. White Eggs

Patients with kidney disease must be wary of foods that contain protein. You must be smart in choosing the right source of protein.

And eggs provide a protein source that is appropriate for people with kidney disease, especially egg whites.

Because the two egg whites contain 7 grams protein, 110 mg sodium, 108 mg potassium, and 10 mg phosphorus.

Protein from egg whites is one source of protein containing essential amino acids which are good for the body, including the kidneys.

And if you want to go on a diet, incorporate the egg whites into your daily diet is a good thing for your kidneys.


In essence, a person with kidney disease should be smart in choosing the intake of food that they consume to maintain the stability of the performance of the kidney.

Choosing healthy and safe foods for the kidneys is a must.

Therefore, a person with kidney disease should only consume calories around 35kkal/kg/day (multiplied by body weight).

As for the mineral intake, patients should only consume the average of 500 milliliters of fluid per day. This fluid does not only come from beverages, but also from foods that contain a lot of water.

Moreover, people with kidney disease is strongly recommended not to consume vegetables and fruits which are high in potassium.

So do with a high protein and carbohydrate.

Thus, set meals for people with kidney disease that have not adversely affect their kidney health.

All sixteen food above could be one solution for you to choose the right foods for people with kidney disease.

Well, Health Tips Seekers, we have discussed 16 Amazing Healthy Foods for Kidney Disease Patients include considered things to what foods are suitable for them.

We hope that these explanations can improve your knowledge about the importance of maintaining a healthy body.

And if you like this article, please like and share this information with other people.

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