Health Benefits of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar

Healthy Foods – Some people might do not know about health benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar. It is because the lack of its uses information. Commonly, they only use it as an extra taste of some drinkings or foods.

Whereas, it has health benefits for our body. We can use it as traditional medicine to cure some of the diseases.

Its rare existence makes apple cider vinegar still unknown by many people.

For that reasons, let’s take a look at apple cider vinegar more detail before we are going to talk about health benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar.

What is Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is a development of apple processing. The idea came firstly when the farmer had a great apple harvest. They thought so carefully how to maximize the utilization of the apples because Apple is one of the perishable fruits.

Thus, they came to an idea to make apple cider vinegar to optimize the apple benefits. They still do not know the real benefits of apple cider vinegar to their body health.

Commonly, we use vinegar to add the sour taste to some foods or as a natural food preservative. We can find it in some vegetables processing such as pickles.

However, yore, some people use apple vinegar as a traditional method of medicine to cure many health problems.

There are two kinds of apple vinegar. The first one is made of apple fermentation and the second one is made of alcoholic apple (cider).

This apple cider vinegar contains around 5,85% of alcohol. That’s quite a lot, but it still safe for you to drink in a little amount.

For you who are a Moslem, we do not recommend to drink this apple cider vinegar as it contains alcohol which is forbidden for all Moslems.

13 Health Benefits of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar

Health Benefits of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar
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Alright Health Tips Seekers, we have arrived at the main point of our discussion that is health benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar.

Drinking apple cider vinegar in exact dosage will have a great impact to our body health.

Below, we provide you the detail explanation.

1. Overcome High Blood Pressure

Apple alone has provided the health benefits. It can help us to stabilize the blood pressure which will smoothen the blood circulation.

This benefit will not change though we process it into several kinds of processing foods including turning the apple by using fermentation.

2. Soothe the Rheumatism

The body joints problem such as rheumatism is usually caused by the acid deposition around the joint. Therefore, it annoys the bone strength.

The magnesium content in Apple has a function as the glue that agglutinates the calcium and phosphorus into the body bones. In this case, it can also fight the osteoporosis or brittle bone symptom.

So does in apple cider vinegar. It has unique health benefits to our body such as soothe rheumatism.

It is safe for women who want to have a healthy body in their old age.

3. Detoxifies or Remove Body Toxin

Apple cider vinegar is crucial for removing the virus from the body. It has a content which is good to help our body removing any toxins. Of course, these toxins are dangerous, and it can cause many diseases.

4. Removing Teeth Stain

We think that everybody wants to have clean white teeth. The cleanliness of our teeth influences our confidence, especially for women. They are always want to look gorgeous.

And the good news is that acid in apple cider vinegar is very effective in cleaning a variety stains in teeth. So, having clean white teeth is not a big dream, and you do not have to go to a dentist to make it real.

Therefore, if you want to have teeth free from stains, it is better for you to try apple cider vinegar to clean them. It is easy and cheap.

5. Helping Lose Your Weight

It is another good news for people who want to have an ideal body or to lose weight. You can use this simple method that is drinking apple cider vinegar in the right portion.

Apple cider vinegar is proven way to lose weight efficiently, and many people around the world have admitted it.

By mixing the two spoon of apple cider vinegar into your favorite beverage, it will help you to lose your weight effectively.

At least, there is content in apple cider vinegar that can help you to increase the metabolism process in our body.

So, you can try it at home. It is safe and easy to do.

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6. Overcome Sugar Level in Blood

The research shows that apple cider vinegar has a significant role in lowering sugar level in blood. So, it is possible to prevent diabetes.

Carol Johnston, Ph.D., one of nutrient experts of Arizona State University have learned about apple cider vinegar in more than ten years, and he found that it can give a significant impact to the sugar blood and it has the same effect as certain medicines.

8. Prevent the Cancer Effectively

It still has to do more research to link apple cider vinegar with cancer problem. Several pieces of research in the medical world shows that content in apple cider vinegar can help to kill cancer cell and dimmed the tumor.

However, this study did not yet prove anything to the human subject because they did the research to a mouse as a subject of the investigation.

Even so, they have found a useful content in apple cider vinegar that can help people to fight cancer disease.

9. Keeping Heart Health

Proven research shows that apple cider vinegar can help us to lower cholesterol level and triglyceride in mouse object.

It brings a positive result to a human because Apple cider vinegar contains antioxidant and chlorogenic acid which is proven can keep cholesterol (LDL) from oxidation process.

This process is necessary to avoid the heart attack.

So, if you want to keep healthy your heart, drink this apple cider in the right amount.

10. Press the Cholesterol

Some of the experts conducted research, and the result shows that Apple cider vinegar can increase the blood lipid profile by reducing the triglyceride and low-density lipoprotein (LDL-C) or bad cholesterol level.

On the contrary, it also can increase high-density lipoprotein (HDL-C) or good cholesterol level.

However, if you want to use apple cider vinegar to overcome your cholesterol problem, we recommend consulting with your doctor first.

11. Keep the Health of Digestive System

If you are worried about the foods that can annoy the digestive system, it is better for you to add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with honey to help you overcome or keep your digestive system healthy.

12. Clean Out The Hair

The residue of apple cider vinegar content can drop off the hair muck that comes from the chemical product such as a gel or hair spray.

Try to use apple cider vinegar to wash your hair when you are shampooing to wipe out the hair muck to get the clear skinhead.

13. Skin Toner

We can use apple cider vinegar as a skin toner. It can overcome the skin inflammation that is caused by acne.

Try to apply the apple cider vinegar into your face skin which has acne on it. Then, wipe it out with soft fabric just like when you use the toner to clean up your face.

Do it smoothly, and you can find the fantastic result.

That is 13 health benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar. There are still so much other health benefits because some experts never give up to find out and do research.


Based on several pieces of research, Apple cider vinegar has a high impact on our body health.

It can overcome high blood pressure, soothe rheumatism, removing body toxin, removing teeth stains, good for weight loss, pressing sugar blood level, preventing cancer, keeping heart health, stabilize the cholesterol, keeping digestive system, good for your hair and also your skin.

It is because Apple cider vinegar has an acetate acid content which is proven to increase the body health condition.

However, we should know how to drink it in the right way because it also contains alcohol. Wait for another article discuss how to drink apple cider vinegar in right way.

Alright Health Tips Seekers, we hope that this article about health benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar can help you and overcome your health problems.

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