How To Remove Acne With Lemon Homemade Acne Treatments

Acne Treatment – When you read this article, you must be looking for a way how to remove acne. Acne is a complex problem. It appears not only in puberty teenagers, but also it can appear in women and men in general.

Also, Acne itself, we can find that there are several acne types such as common acne and cystic acne.

Maybe it annoys your appearance, so you have to do acne treatments more often and of course, regularly.

You do not have to do it half-way because you want to remove it completely, so it does not appear in the future.

Besides, you have to remove acne scars.

Therefore, removing acne is a long process. That is why you have to be patient to do a bunch of acne treatments.

We can use so many natural materials for treatment. One of them is the lemon.

Removing acne with lemon can be an effective way to eliminate acne and acne scars.

Here, in this article, we will tell you about how to remove acne with lemon homemade acne treatments.

However, before we talk too far about it, let’s take a look at the cause of acne.

The Cause of Acne

About the cause of acne, there are two factors, inside factors and outside factors.

For inside factor, acne appears because of there is excessive hormone in the body. Commonly, it always happened to puberty teenagers and women with menstruation.

Maybe, you are one of them who always experience it.

Whereas the outside factors come from foods, incorrect cosmetics or maybe you are rarely to wash your face. These can be a great deal.

How to Remove Acne with Lemon: 4 Best Lemon Homemade Acne Treatments

How To Remove Acne With Lemon Homemade Acne Treatments
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Sometimes, Acne appears when someone consumes certain foods, especially fatty foods.

For cosmetics, we should pay more attention when we want to buy it.

Not all type of cosmetics is suitable for all people.

Some so many women worsen acne because of using the unsuitable cosmetics products.

There are some tips in choosing the right cosmetics for you. Choose the cosmetics products with water as the core material.

It is safe for your skin, and it does not contain too many alcohols.

Also, you have to wash your face more often, especially for you who always or have an outdoor activity. As you know, dust can make your acne worse.

All right Health Tips Seekers, here are 4 best lemon homemade acne treatments that you can use to remove your acne at home.

1. Lime Juice Therapy

The first way to remove acne from your face is by doing lime juice therapy.

What is Lime Juice Therapy?

Ok, Let’s talk about it.

Acne has some bacterias that make acne itself get more inflamed. We can use vitamin c of the lemon to kill those bacterias.

Lemon contains vitamin c as antibiotic and anti-inflammation.

So, Lime Juice can be an effective way to kill the bacterias and remove the acne.

However, How to do that?

It is so easy to do that.

You just have to take one lemon, wash and clean it. Then, cut the lemon into a half.

After that, take the lemon and apply it to your face with acne.

However, before that, it is better for you to wash and clean up your hand and face.

For the first time, maybe you will feel poignant on your face.

You do not have to be worry.

It is natural because it means that the vitamin c reacts to the bacterias. Also, it will kill them all.

Let them for a while and wash your face and clean it up.

Do this therapy, at least once a day to get the best result.

2. Lime and Honey Mask

The next way to remove acne is using lime and honey mask.

You can use the mixture of lime juice and honey and make them as a mask.

This mixture can dry up your acne faster. But not only that, but it also can remove acne scars and make your face skin more smooth.

How to do that?

You just simply take one tablespoon of honey and mix it well with lime juice.

Next, apply the mask to all part of your face evenly. Let it a couple of minutes then wash and clean it up.

As a tip, it is better for you to wash it by using cold water. It can help you to recover the opened pores.

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3. Lime and Olive Oil Mask

All right Health Tips Seekers, let’s we talk about another way to remove acne. The third way is by using lime and olive oil mask.

Olive oil is a natural material that has so many benefits. It is not only for body health but also to take care of your face.

The mixture between lime and olive oil can make remove the acne faster that you might think before.

You can apply the mixture of lime and olive oil every day without a worry of side effect because they are natural materials.

The best time to implement them is at night after you wash your face.

Apply them, sleep well and let them until the morning.

When you wake up, do not forget to wash and clean it well.

4. Lime and Papaya Fruit Mask

The last, you can apply the mixture between lime juice and papaya fruit to remove acne from your face.

Papaya fruit is a fruit that people always use to smoothen their digestive system.

However, do you know that we can use it to get rid of acne too?

The contents of papaya fruit can help you to kill bacteria, get rid of acne, and dry up them faster.

You take several pieces of papaya, great and smooth them.

Then, pour the lime juice into it and mix them well.

Apply the mixture to all part of your face and let them dry a few minutes.

After that, clean and wash your face.


Lemon is an effective fruit that can remove acne and acne scars. There are so many acne treatment products that use lemon as the main ingredient.

If you want the maximal result, you can apply the lemon every day.

Don’t forget to wash your face more often every day, especially when you have activity in outdoor.

Furthermore, do not touch the acne with your finger or your hand too often because your hand contains many bacterias.

Even less, if you press the acne by using your finger, you will make it worse.

All right Health Tips Seekers, that is all the ways how to remove acne with lemon homemade acne treatments.

All these acne treatments are natural acne treatments, so you are safe to apply them every day. However, if you have an allergy to some or several materials, maybe you should stop it and look for another acne treatment.

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