Top 10 Best Healthy Junk Food

Healthy Foods – In this post, we will show you the chart of top 10 best healthy junk food. It is an interesting topic because we will talk a different thing between junk food and healthy.

We think that all people know that junk food is not a healthy food. Many experts told us to avoid junk food if we want to have a healthy lifestyle.

Do you think so?

Not all the junk food is unhealthy food. We can change or find a way to make junk food as a healthy food.

We are sure that all people like junk food so much. They love it because it is simple, delicious and fast. But they do not think the content of junk food itself.

Burger, pizza, fried chicken, roasted sausage, and soft drink are the junk food that people like the most.

All the content or material that they use to make these kinds of junk food is the unhealthy one.

If you consume it in an extended period, you will get several health problems such as high cholesterol level, high blood sugar level, stroke or even heart attack.

People avoid these health problems because they are the most deadly disease in the world.

However, have you ever think how to enjoy this delicious junk food without worry about the health problems? Or have you ever think how to make think junk food become a healthy one?

At first, maybe you have this thinking but how to make it real is another problem.

We agree that fast food or junk food and healthy food are not the harmonious couples. But here, we will show you how to change your favorite junk food or fast food into healthy food that you will always like to.

Top 10 Best Healthy Junk Food

Top 10 Healthy Junk Food
(Burger – Top 10 Best Healthy Junk Food, Photo Source: pixabay(dot)com)

Making junk food into healthy food is not so hard. The only thing we should do is to replace the material or cooking spices by the healthy one.

Do not worry; we will give you a list of top 10 best healthy junk food for you so you can choose what your favorite is.

Here they are:

1. Chicken Kebab

After having a party throughout the night, junk food restaurant can be too attractive to deny, especially if you drink also.

To make sure that you eat healthy kebab after having the party, prepare it before going out, so you have something to eat when you back home.

Commonly kebab is made from lamb meat or beef. Now, you have to change the material by using chicken meat.It is healthier than them.

Therefore, start by giving a good bath-flavor and add it to the chest part of the chicken. After bathing, slice the chicken meat and stick by using skewer just like the satay and cook with wok pan.

Let them cool and keep them until night. When you arrive at the party, you can enjoy it with the oatmeal or add some natural yogurt and a little bit of lemon juice.

That would be a beautiful and healthy dinner menu.

2. Pizza

Pizza is the world most popular junk food in the world. People love it so much because it is so delicious and fast especially for them who work in a big town.

You know that meat, cheese layer, and topping could make this pizza so yummy, but this junk food is not a good recommendation to be a snack even if you choose a thin pizza.

The healthy alternative is making pizza by using tortilla wheat. For topping, you can add several tomato sauces, salad, mozzarella and a couple of red paprika.

By using these materials in making pizza, it will change people’s opinion that pizza is unhealthy food.

3. Chicken Nugget

Chicken nugget in many restaurants maybe is very teasing, but this food is not right for us. The point is because we do not know the material they used to make this nugget or how they process them.

So, if you or your children are like the nugget, you can make your chicken nugget by yourself.

Handmade nugget can be tastier than fast food version one. And it has more nutrient.

All you need to prepare are chicken meat, breadcrumb, olive oil and a couple of parmesan cheese. They will be the best chicken nugget that you ever taste.

Furthermore, if you want a healthier nugget, you can replace the chicken meat as a primary material with several vegetables like carrot or broccoli.

4. Mexico Pea Burger

According to Agriculture Department of United States, a quarter ounce of cheeseburger contain around 303 calories and 123 of that calories are fat.

Whereas, Mexico pea burger contains only 195 calories with 3 gram of fat. That is healthier than the standard burger.

All you need to have to do to make this Mexico pea burger is just mix the red beans, chili powder, breadcrumb, and egg. Let them cook until well done.

You can enjoy Mexico pea burger with some bread and add several sauces and salad.

That could be a healthy combination food.

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5. Polenta Chips

Potato chips is another favorite junk food for all people. However, you should know that whatever kinds of potato chips, they are the most unhealthy junk food ever.

The healthy alternative is to replace the chips with polenta potato chips. It contains only 180 calories per portion. Polenta is a yellow food made from maize flour. Commonly, Italian has always used it in their cooking.

All you need to make the right chips ar several polentas, olive oil, chicken broth, and flavor.

It is straightforward and healthy food.

6. Roasted Chicken

A cup of fried chicken maybe is not too bad for you. Although the chicken itself is healthy, the frying process is the opposite thing.

If you want fried chicken in your daily menu, you can make it yourself by roast it.

Just add some sesame seed, flour, and olive oil to the chicken meat and then roast it until done.

You will taste the same crispy just like the fried chicken, but it does not contain fat or calories at all. Of course, it is healthier.

7. Onion Ring

Do you know that onion ring can make you overweight?

You can enjoy it as a snack, appetizer or whatever you like, but the fact that onion ring can make you overweight.

So, for the healthy alternative to this onion ring is by using panko and bake it. Panko is a kind of breadcrumb.

The process is very easy. You just cut or slice the onion into a ring shape and remain in water for about 20 minutes and coat every ring with wheat flour and egg.

After covering all parts of the onion ring, pour some panko breadcrumb, put it in the oven and bake it until done.

It is simple, isn’t it?

8. Fish and Chips

If buying a bag of hot chips is something that can make you smile widely, then this news will erase your sweet smile. The news is 400 gram of chips contain around 956 calories, and it does not include the fish.

So, as an alternative, you can change the chips into the sweet potato with the bread flour coated fish and pea.

The taste is still delicious and a healthier alternative from the junk food version.

9. Milkshake

If you are a milkshake lover, now you have to turn out from it. Milkshake contains 300 calories in average. We hope that you realize it. It is a big number of calories.

Therefore, change your milkshake with smoothie which contains only 30 calories.

You only need a blender, low-fat milk, a couple of ice cube, and several your favorite fruits to make delicious, high nutrition cream as a milkshake alternative.

10. Turkey Burger

Chicken burger is a great flirtation for junk food lovers. They will hard to deny it.

However, the chicken burger from one of fast food restaurant contains around 470 calories, and 234 calories consist of fat.

Thus, you have to make a healthy alternative to it. You can replace the chicken burger with turkey burger made by yourself. Turkey meat contains calorie lower than chicken meat.

There are easy steps you can follow to make it. First of all, chop the turkey meat. Mix with egg and several your favorite flavor.

Then, shape the mixing into a burger, bake until done and enjoy it with salad or salsa.

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We agree that junk food is unhealthy for our body. However, not all kinds of junk food are unhealthy food. The main point of its unhealthiness is the flavor or material that they use and the process.

Therefore, we can still enjoy the junk food by replacing a half or all materials into a healthy one. And in the process, we change it from frying them into baking or roasting them.

These two things are the key to have healthy junk food.

Now, we have discussed top 10 best healthy junk food, and we hope it can open and change your mind about junk food.

There are still healthy junk food outside there if we have an excellent idea to change it.

See you in the next article.

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