Top 10 Health Tips for Men

Health Tips – In this article, we will discuss top 10 health tips for men. This information is important for you who have health problems. We hope that it will help men to solve their health problems.

Men live three until five years shorter than women. According to data in 2010, the age of men’s spark of life is around 67,51 year, while women are 71,74 year. The number of suicide at men is bigger than women.

Besides, many men work too hard, so they die in younger age than women.

In tender years, many teenage boys who are running different extreme lifestyles such as joining wild drag race, consuming drugs, fighting, and others.

This unhealthy lifestyle can increase the risk of death by accident, drug overdose, HIV/AIDS disease, hepatitis, etc.

The number of mortality at the age of 18 until 24 keeps increasing year by year. It is a universal phenomenon in all over the world. The experts call it as “accident hump.”

In 30’s and 40’s, men have a family and work. They are wiser to live their life. However, Many men live in chronic stress.

Moreover, If they also have the overweight problem, high blood pressure, smoking and do not like sport, then they have a higher risk to get the severe disease in 50’s or even maybe before 50’s.

3 Reasons Why Men Have A Higher Risk To Get Health Problems

If we take a look at today men’s health problem, at least there are three reasons why men have a higher risk to get health problems than women.

1. Be Afraid of The Weakness

The research shows that early death to men happened because of their careless attitude to their body health and hard to admit the illness.

Commonly they do not respond the signal of their body quickly and ignore it.

As a result, they are lately to find out the disease and do not pay attention to the health needs. They tend to realize it after the condition is getting worse.

For some men, illness associated with the weakness that in contradiction with the traditional role.

Many men in this world who feel like a strong man. Their body like a machine that always works when they get the petrol.

They ignore any signals from their body until they are sick for real.

Men do no want to admit their sickness because they feel that their primary responsibility is taking care of family, while illness and kids are women business.

2. Trouble with Affliction

Several studies show that men are susceptible to disease than women.

Many men who do not have a source to solve their psychological problems. Lose a job, death and divorce are the biggest sources of men’s depression.

And two of three men do suicide.

Frequently, they do not care or identify their feeling correctly. For example, men confuse between sad and mad.

Whereas, women can utilize their closer environment and do chatting to release their affliction load. They welcome the advice and more active to get help.

3. Less Health Access

In some countries, women are easier to access health service from government than men. So that, women have better health understanding than men.

There are so many health programs that only aim to help women and kids. They treat only women and children.

It is almost hard to find health service for men.

Besides, some health magazine always focuses on women and kids health problem in their topics. We hardly find a magazine that talks about men’s health.

In outline, the health prevention does not look at the gender. Males and females are the same.

However, men always have a higher risk to get the chronical disease because of their lifestyle or gen.

Based on America Disease Control Institute and other institution in America, the leading causes of death in men are the heart attack, cancer, lower chronical respiration disease, stroke, diabetes type 2 and suicide.

However, according to Syeda Kiran Zahra Hussain, a holistic nutrition therapist, there are top 10 health tips for men to prevent several diseases, as published in Times of India.

Top 10 Health Tips for Men to Prevent Several Disease

Top 10 Health Tips for Men
(Top 10 Health Tips for Men, Photo Source: pixabay*com)

These health tips are the basic, but it has an incredible impact on men’s health. It starts from changing lifestyle into a healthy one and watch the foods.

The tips are as follow:

1. Healthy Eating

The hard working hour makes some men do not care about the foods that they eat. They are looking for some simple foods when they are working.

Thus, fast food or junk food become their choice. Although there is some healthy junk food that we can find, the nutritious foods are the best of all.

Nutritious foods can decrease the risk of certain disease.

So, stop eating junk food right now. You can replace it with vegetables, fruits, and low-fat milk.

The bustle is not a reason for you not to eat healthy foods.

2. Keeping Healthy Body Weight

The obesity or overweight is a big problem for men.

It can increase the risk of several severe diseases such as stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure and diabetes.

So, find out how is your belly circle whether it is more than 90 cm or not. Besides, make sure that your Body Mass Index (BMI) does not exceed the ideal measurement.

You can find out ways how to lose belly fat quickly or the best ways to lose belly fat naturally.

3. Movement or Doing Sport

Commonly, men do not have a difficulty to do physical activities. However, they have to manage the intensity to be more well-regulated.

Doing sport can help them to be more healthy.

Sweating is a good way to remove the toxic substance from the body.

You can make a schedule to do your favorite sports and ask your friends to do it together. So, you can more enjoy it.

4. Stop Smoking

Maybe, you knew that smoking is a bad habit. It does not have any advantages to your body.

The manufacturer has written a warning in the cigarette pack. It tells you that smoking can harm your body health.

So, why do men still smoking?

Whereas smoking is the primary cause of deadly diseases such as stroke, lung problems, and cancer.

You should know some terrifying effects of smoking to the body. Then, find out the tips on a healthy lifestyle in quitting smoking.

Make sure that you stop smoking and stay away for being a passive smoker.

5. Do Check Up Regularly

Check up is important to know the condition of our body. If we do not do it, we will do not know how healthy our body is.

Therefore, take your time to do check up regularly.

And we suggest you to always do screening for several condition and disease, included genital infection, diabetes, high cholesterol, the particular type of cancer, and hypertension.

6. Stay Away from Alcoholic Beverages

When the men have a problem in their life, they usually drink an alcoholic beverage. However, it does not help them so much. It only makes them forget the problem, not solve the problem.

In fact, they will have another health problem.

Because alcoholic beverages can increase the risk of cancer, high blood pressure, psychological problem, and accident.

Getting drunk while driving is the primary cause of some traffic accidents in a big city

7. Managing Stress

Treating your physical body is important, but treating your mental is more important.

It is because the healthy body comes from the healthy mind and soul.

Thus, try to find out how to manage your stress. Find out the healthy choice to help you treating your stress.

You can go fishing when you have a spare time, playing with your kids, having dinner with family. If you are a Moslem, try to take wudhu, shalat and to recite the Qur’an.

8. Getting Enough Sleep

Having less time to rest can give an impact to your heart ambiance and body health.

For example, Sleep Apnea is a general problem that can stop your respiration immediately and can harm your heart. Besides, it can cause death.

So, go and consult with your doctor if you have sleep apnea syndrome.

9. Knowing the Risk

Learn how your lifestyle influences the risk of your health problem.

For example, men who work in particular chemical should take some preventive steps to keep their health.

You can start by checking the family health history or consult every health problem with your doctor.

10. Staying Safe

Do anything with safe. For men who work in mining or big manufacture, safe is a problem. They have to wear some safety tool when they are working.

You have to think that your family is waiting for you at home to come together.

So, whatever your job. Safety is the first thing to consider.

Safety can be wearing helmet, seat belt, applying security in working place, use protection when you have sex, wearing sun block, washing your hands regularly and treating your teeth.

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Although men always have health problems, staying healthy for men, is not harder than you might think.

Changing the healthy lifestyle into a healthy one is a success key to getting a healthy body.

These top 10 health tips for men might help men out there to live their healthy lifestyle easier.

You can start from eating healthy, watch your weight, do sport, stop smoking, do check up regularly, stay way from alcohol, managing stress, get enough sleep, know the risk and stay safe.

I hope you like and enjoy reading this article.

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