5 Acne Treatment Tips You Can Do Now

Acne Treatment – How many times have you tried acne treatment tips? Are there any results? If you do not get satisfactory results. The following tips acne treatment maybe you can try it now.

For some people, acne may be annoying. This is because acne can diminish the beauty of your appearance. And in the end, you will feel less confident.

Many people are looking for solutions to this problem. If you have lots of money, you can go to the doctor and get a panacea.

However, these drugs usually do not last long. It means that the acne will recur after the acne medication runs out.

For those of you who do not have enough money to go to the doctor, there is no harm if you try acne treatment tips that will be given in this article.

Is there a very effective acne treatment?

Actually, there are more effective than treating acne, namely prevention. Prevent the emergence of spotty skin nicer than we are throwing money to go to the doctor.

Prevention that we can do only with simple and easy things. And the effect of these things we can feel forever.

In contrast, if we go to the doctor, get medicine, and if the drug out, acne can come back and we had to go back to the doctor.

We’re just a waste of money and time. Of course, you certainly do not want that, do not you?

For that, we will give 5 tips acne treatment that you can do now. These tips can do easily and can be done from now.

5 Easy Treatment Tips for controlling your acne now

5 Acne Treatment Tips You Can Do Now
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1. Doing exercise
Acne can arise when we feel stressed and depressed over your daily routine. With exercise, you can prevent acne. This is because exercise can help you to relieve your stress and depression.

However, in doing any sport you have to pay attention to some things that can even cause acne. For example your sports clothing, sports equipment and even other sports accessories that you wear.

Sports clothes made from tight lycra and nylon materials might look good when worn by models in sports magazines that you read. However, you must remember, if you are prone to acne problems, synthetic clothing as it can make your body more humid conditions.

Which in the end, your body will be more humid, hot and lead to bacteria on your skin. The bacteria are what can make acne can occur on the face and even your body though.

For that, you should choose loose sports clothing and is made from cotton or a blend of natural ingredients. So you can get more air to your skin.

Then if you finish doing sports and the clothes you wear are full of sweat, you should take it off and wash it off immediately. This is done to prevent the bacteria from your skin.

Additionally, if you use a headband when exercising, you should also have to let go after finish doing exercise. Headbands can be a great place for breeding bacteria, irritate the skin prone to acne.

So, in essence, you have to vigorous exercise, but you also have to pay attention to the cleanliness of clothes and sports equipment that you use. Because acne can arise from bacteria produced by perspiration-damp.

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2. Be aware of cosmetics you use
Cosmetics can contribute greatly to the emergence of a lot of acne on your skin. This is because the majority of cosmetic products using a variety of materials that are not good for skin health.

And the cosmetic result can irritate the skin and close pores and eventually it can cause acne stubborn.

Color cosmetics that may have dangerous materials shine like a flaki mineral called mica. This substance can irritate your skin and close pores.

Other materials in color cosmetics that have the same reactions are coal tar derivatives, carmine and heavy cream in blushes.

Another prevention is to notice that you wear lip gloss. The increasingly colored lip gloss that you use is likely to contain harmful substances which are increasingly greater and certainly can clog the pores of your face.

In addition, you should also pay attention to face cream or eye cream. This is because normally these creams have a moist texture if it’s used. With that moist conditions, bacteria will more easily develop, irritate the skin and closes the pores and eventually it can cause acne.

Therefore, to avoid clogging the pores and irritation of the skin, you should choose the cosmetic products labeled noncomedogenic or oil-free.

3. Diet
Indeed, a study showed that the diet does not have a direct role in causing or curing acne. But, what is recommended by experts is, what is good for your body is; what is the best for your skin. Especially, since the skin is the largest organ of the body part of us.

Therefore, do your diet well and drink some healthy vitamins, minerals and other supplements. This will help prevent acne on your skin.

4. Hygiene
Taking a bath is the best way to fight the spread of various bacteria that cause of acne. However, do not let you rub your skin too hard when you take a shower. Because it can irritate your skin.

It could even cause your skin produces excess oil and close the pores of your skin.

In addition, note also that your body cleaning products that you use. Try to use cleaning products or body cleanser that gentle on the skin.

Do not use cleaning products that contain alcohol. Because alcohol can peel the skin and clog your pores and even cause a lot of oil on the face.

Remember you not to play with the products you use, because in the end the irritation can cause scars that may be stubborn.

5. Doing Shaving
If there is someone says that shave can leave scars and cause acne, it is a fallacy.

Because, in fact, shaving is an excellent way to help remove dead skins, get rid of blackheads and prevent acne.

But you should be careful if you do it in the area of infection or have high inflammation, such as skin redness, sensitive, wounds, acne open and others. It is better to not do it on the skin area like that.

However, at its core, shaving is part of keeping your skin clean and can help you in preventing the onset of various diseases porters including acne.

Health Tips Seekers, by performing acne treatments mentioned above, you are able to prevent acne on the skin of your face or body.

In conclusion, you must be clever in choosing clothes that you wear when exercising, choosing a cosmetic product that is good for your skin, keeping your skin clean with a shower and a shave. Additionally, do it with a good diet.

All these things can help you in preventing the emergence of bacteria that can trigger acne arise on your skin.

Hopefully, this explanation can be useful for you.

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