5 Fast Healthy Diet Tips to Lose 5 kg of Your Weight in 2 Weeks

Healthy Diet – For people who have excess weight, they have a tendency to look for quick diet tips that they can do. Perhaps one of them is you. If you want to lose weight in 2 weeks, we think you should try these fast and healthy diet tips which will be discussed in this article.

If we previously posted an article on how to lose weight in a month (you can read it here), now we’ll give you top 5 tips that you can use to lose 5 kg of your weight in a relatively short time, in 2 weeks.

Hmm … The tips are quite interesting, aren’t they?

If you look at the title, it seems like it’s impossible to lose 5 kg of weight in 2 weeks. But, we think in this reality, anything can be happened as long as you have a strong will to get that goal.

Well, Health Tips Seekers, actually, in this article, we will talk about the 5 main point on how to get to lose our weight in a short time.

All diet program, in essentials, have this 5 main point. And if you run these tips regularly and consistently, we are sure that you can make it.

So, what are the tips? Let’s we take a look at the explanation below.

Why do we should run a healthy diet?

Indeed, overweight can make you have to do a strict diet. This is because being overweight, is having a risk of severe disease than those who have an ideal body.

And if it happens to women, certainly it can be a big problem for them. Because they really want to have the ideal body.

Is there anybody out there who do not want to be given a compliment because of his/her slim body? We think that everybody or every woman want it so much.

One of the way that they can do to get it is by doing a diet. But, unfortunately, diet is not as easy as you are imagined.

We must have a strong commitment and high discipline to run the diet in order to provide maximum results.

And in fact, lose weight can not be done quickly and simply, all require a long process. Depending on the people who run it.

However, there is no fault if you try to do healthy diet tips that we have quoted from lolwot.com now.

How to lose 5 kg of weight in 2 weeks?

5 Fast Healthy Diet Tips to Lose 5 Kg of Your Weight in 2 Weeks
(5 Fast Healthy Diet Tips to Lose 5 Kg of Your Weight in 2 Weeks, Photo Source : commons(dot)wikimedia(dot)org)

In that short time, you should set your goal first and make a commitment to get that goal. After that, you have to leave your unhealthy habitual in your daily life.

And if you are ready, you have to take hold of these 5 rules below.

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1. Never eat junk food

Hmm..junk food .. Who is not familiar with this term. Even, it might have become a habit that you always to do.

Yes, eating junk food every day.

The type of food that fall into the category of junk food are all foods that are processed by frying. And usually, these foods can be served quickly.

For examples, fried chicken, french fries, and fried meat.

Yeah, we know that all this kind of foods really tastes good. But, do you know that behind its’ deliciousness, it has some negative impact on your body, especially to your body fat.

The oil that is used for frying can contribute greatly to the buildup of fat in your body.

How do you can lose your weight if you still eat all these things?

With all of the negative impact, replace all the junk food with a variety of healthy and fresh food such as salads and all the food that is steamed or boiled.

So, by now on, you should also avoid junk food that even have no nutrients at all, such as crackers, chips, and a variety of processed crackers or bread.

2. Drink more water

Many experts advise drinking more water if you want to go on a diet to lose weight. This is because the water is very much beneficial for the body.

Drinking lots of water can make your stomach fuller, preventing dehydration, making the brain more focused, helps the metabolic processes in the body and helps to burn calories in the body better.

So, make it a habit of drinking more water. Water intake, suggested by health experts, is at least 8 glasses of water a day. They are also advised to drink water before and after meals, before bed even when you are traveling wherever you go.

Now, there are a lot of bottled water product that offers various benefits to your body. You can choose one of them. However, you still must pay attention to the drinking water content label. Be careful not to drink beverages that contain the harmful substance to the body.

3. Burn more calories

Yes, burn more calories. Burn more calories can help accelerate eliminate fat in your body. You can perform a variety of sports that become your favorite.

You can do running, swimming, cycling, and even joining in aerobics classes. All sports can help you to burn more calories. Of course, You have to do it with good intensity.

In addition, you also have to compensate by reducing the intake of calories you consume through food. You also have to reduce your eating portion and substitute them with vegetables and fresh fruits and also avoid eating too late at night.

4. Replace the carbohydrate with protein and fiber

It would be better if you reduce carbohydrate intake that you consume each day. If you always provide white rice in your menu every day. You should replace it with brown rice. This is because brown rice has higher fiber and low in calories.

In addition, you are advised to eat more protein and fiber which is good for the body. Protein can be found in some foods such as eggs, fish, and lean meats.

And to fiber, you can get it from vegetables and fresh fruits.

Replacing carbohydrate intake by consuming more protein and fiber can be a very effective way to prevent the accumulation of back fat and calories in the body.

5. Take a good rest

If you like staying up late, we think that you should begin to pay attention to it now. Because your body will stay up quickly limp and induce a feeling to eat more than usual.

So, pay attention to your nighttime rest. Try to stop staying up late and sleep enough. Be sure to sleep eight hours per day. Thus, it will help the body process calories and metabolism for better.

Health Tips Seeker, that’s actually five main points in the diet to get the ideal body. If you run all the above tips by now with full discipline and commitment, you will get maximum results.

And if you really have a strong desire for that reason, you can lose 5 kg of your body weight within 2 weeks.

Hopefully, our explanation above about “5 Fast Healthy Diet Tips to Lose 5 kg of Your Weight” can be useful for you.

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