5 Recent Health Facts of Drinking Water

Health Facts – Drinking water is one of our daily activities that we always do every day. But, do you know the health facts of drinking water? In this article, we will give a little information about health facts of drinking water that you may never know. Well, Health Tips Seekers, make sure you read all this useful information.

As we know, most of the human body or about 60% of our body contain water. Thus, drinking water every day is very important to maintain the condition of liquids in our body.

If our bodies are dehydrated which is due to lack of water intake, there are some things that maybe you would feel. One of the diseases that arise if you are not diligent in drinking water every day is dehydration, kidney illnesses, even the worst effect of this is death.

However, unfortunately, beyond the importance of drinking water every day, there are still a lot of people who do not know the exact amount of water that should be consumed every day. This is shown by some of the research as reported by vivmag.com.

5 Facts Health of Drinking Water based on Several Studies

5 Recent Health Facts of Drinking Water
(5 Recent Health Facts of Drinking Water, Photo Source : commons(dot)wikimedia(dot)org)

Some studies dealing with the importance of drinking water have been conducted and its results show some of the health facts as below. These health facts of drinking water is an interesting information that you should read. Let’s take a look at it.

1. 40% of people drink less than three cups a day

The survey also says 7% of people do not drink pure water every day. Only 22% of people drink 8 glasses of water or more a day.

2. People who drink more water to have a healthier lifestyle

The study says people who drink more water eat more fruits and vegetables and exercise regularly.

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3. In some countries such as the US and Singapore tap water is safe to drink straight

In certain countries, we do not need to buy bottled water for drinking water, difficulty in obtaining potable water is also a lack of fluid intake affects many people.

4. Water can help our body slimmer

Drinking water before meals is proven to help you lose your weight. Drinking water before meals reduces hunger and make the stomach feel fuller.

5. The water needs of each person are different

Water needs depend on the person’s age, weight, height, and their physical activity.

Alright Health Tips Seekers, from now on you should know that water is the very important thing. It can help us a lot. Drinking a lot of water is suggested by all the expert if you want to have a healthy lifestyle or run your diet.

Furthermore, there are still a lot of water benefits that we can take if we always drink more water routinely with enough amount of water. For more information about health benefits of water, you should check that in the next article here.

Well, we hope this information regarding health facts of drinking water will be useful for you and change your mind about drinking water. Let’s drinking more water every day and stay healthy.

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