7 Best Healthy Snacks Ideas For Diabetes

Healthy Foods – Diabetes is a serious disease in the world today. The Centers for Disease Control has estimated that one from ten adults in the United States of America lives with diabetes. It is the real fact that we have to pay more attention to this disease.

Diabetes is a condition where the level of sugar in the blood increases because of some carbohydrate food sources. Carbohydrate contains sugar content that will be released in the blood.

The increasing of sugar blood level makes our body release the insulin that will help to change sugar into source energy for the body.

As a result, diabetes patients could not consume some foods that contain high in sugar content. They have a limitation to what they eat every day.

However, it does not mean that the diabetes patients could not enjoy some snacks.

They still could enjoy some snacks. However, of course, they do not consume all kinds of snacks. At least, there are some kinds of healthy snack that they could consume.

Even, there are some healthy snacks which could reduce the risk of diabetes. These foods can normalize the sugar content in our blood.

Thus, in this post, we will provide you about seven best healthy snacks ideas for diabetes. Below, we will discuss several foods which are good for diabetes.

Here they are.

7 Best Healthy Snacks Ideas for Diabetes Patients

If you are looking for specific healthy snacks ideas for diabetes, maybe you can choose one of the following meals ideas.

1. Trail Mix

Trail Mix - Healthy Snacks for Diabetes Patients
(Trail Mix, Photo Source:commons(dot)wikimedia(dot)org)

As a diabetes patient, it does not mean that you could not enjoy the trail mix.

What is trail mix?

Trail mix is traditional snacks which consist of some fruits, peanuts, and chocolate.

However, if you want to keep your sugar blood level, it is better for you to make your trail mix at home.

It is so easy to make it. You only need some roasted peanuts, roasted almond, insipid coconut, and dried fruits.

Mix all the ingredients in a big bowl and make them as snacks for your watching time.

2. Some Fresh Fruits and Cheese

Fruits and Cheese-Healthy Snacks for Diabetes Patients
(Fruits and Cheese, Photo Source: pixabay(dot)com)

Everybody could enjoy this healthy snacks. Some fresh fruits and cheese could be best healthy snacks for diabetes patients.

However, we have to choose the right fresh fruits because diabetes patients could not consume all kind of it.

We recommend several fresh fruits such as apple, blueberry, orange, and grapes. They can eat these kinds of fruits together with cheddar cheese.

They are a healthy combination snacks for diabetes patients.

3. Spinach

Spinach - Healthy Snacks for Diabetes Patients
(Spinach, Photo Source: publicdomainpictures(dot)com)

Spinach contains lutein that can re-normalize the sugar blood level in our body. This spinach is recommended vegetable for everyone who wants to have a healthy body.

Some experts had conducted a research the benefits of this spinach. One of them is research at Harvard University in 1945. They found that spinach contains lutein nutrition.

For diabetes patients, they have a higher risk to get blindness.

Therefore, some health experts always use the lutein to treat the eye’s macula.

4. Cabbage Chips

Cabbage Chips - Healthy Snacks for Diabetes Patients
(Cabbage Chips, Photo Source: snowballsunderwear(dot)com)

Have you ever try to eat cabbage chips? It uses cabbage as the main ingredient.

Chips are not only talking about the potato. You can make chips from any ingredients such cabbage. And cabbage is one of the healthy vegetables for diabetes patients.

Try to fry the bigger size cabbage at home, add some olive oil on top of it as seasoning. Fry them until crispy.

We are sure that diabetes patients will love this snacks.

5. Greek Yogurt or Non-Fat Yogurt

Greek Yogurt - Healthy Snacks for Diabetes Patients
(Greek Yogurt, Photo Source: commons(dot)wikimedia(dot)org)

Yogurt can be a healthy and delicious snack for diabetes patients.

Research shows that yogurt has a benefit to reduce the risk of diabetes significantly. Dr. Frank Hu, a researcher of nutrition and epidemiology of Harvard University, says that people who consume non-fat yogurt regularly every day can reduce the risk of diabetes by 18%.

However, he also gives some suggestion not to consume only the yogurt every day. You have to pay more attention to another healthy food and balance them.

One of the best yogurts for diabetes patients is Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is a kind of yogurt which is familiar with the protein content, high calcium, and non-fat yogurt.

The good news is you can find Greek yogurt with various of taste at your hometown market.

6. Popcorn

Popcorn - Healthy Snacks for Diabetes Patients
(Popcorn, Photo Source: pixabay(dot)com)

You will not believe this. You can make popcorn as your healthy snacks.

Several foods which come from seeds of peanuts are safe for diabetes. One of them is popcorn.

However, you should not add the instant seasoning. Changing it into a natural ingredient one is healthier for you.

Now, eating popcorn for diabetes patients can be as happy as this.

7. Biscuit Crackers

Biscuit Crackers - Healthy Snacks for Diabetes Patients
(Biscuit Crackers, Photo Source: pixabay(dot)com)

You can still consume biscuit cookies. But then, when you buy the cookies, you should watch the nutrient measurement on the pack.

Please, make sure the sodium content and carbohydrate are still safe.

For sodium, limit it between 120-130 milligram and carbohydrate around 20 gram.

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Diabetes is not the end of your life. It is not a limit for you to enjoy various foods or snacks in this world.

You should know that Diabetes patients could eat any snacks yet they should more care about the snacks which contains high sugar content.

Therefore, they should not have to worry about it since there are more healthy snacks ideas that you can explore.

And in this post, we provide you the 7 Best Healthy Snacks Ideas for Diabetes. You can choose some snacks such as trail mix, fresh fruits and cheese, spinach, cabbage chips, Greek yogurt or non-fat yogurt, popcorn and some biscuit crackers.

The most important thing from those snacks is they contain less sugar which is good for diabetes patients.

Yes, fewer sugar snacks is a real cure for diabetes patients.

All right Health Tips Seekers, we hope that it can help you to find the best healthy snacks for you. Always keep your spirit and enjoy your life.

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