Acne Treatment for Men with Oily Skin: The Best Guide

Acne Treatment – Acne treatment for men with oily skin will be very different from the acne treatment in general. It is because the men have different skin characteristic to women. Beside, oily skin has a higher risk of causing acne.

Therefore, on this occasion, we will discuss in a whole secret of how men with oily skin can have acne free face with the best and proven acne treatment.

Alright Health Tips Seekers, let’s get the ball rolling.

In the case of facial treatment, the men are too lazy to do it. For example, most men are lazy to clean the face after outdoor activities. So they tend to have a wide variety of skin problems, one of them is acne.

It happens because of a buildup of dirt on the skin such as pollution, sweat, and grease that can not get out through the pores. Plus if they have oily skin, acne will be more easily arise on the face.

How to care for the skin in men and women the same, namely to maintain the cleanliness and health. However, due to men’s laziness, acne becomes tough to overcome.

However, the men are a little strange. On the other hand, they are also very concerned about their appearance, especially the face.

Not only women, but they will also be annoyed if they have acne on their face. The problem is bigger if they have oily skin.

And if it’s like this, face washing alone will not suffice. You need a special acne treatment for oily skin.

As we all know that oily skin will leave a negative impact and will aggravate acne. In fact, it can cause the extraordinary inflammation.

Therefore, many men are forced to look for a range of treatments to cure acne on their oily skin face.

And the good news is, we’ve had to summarize from the various sources regarding skin care tips for men in treating acne with oily skin. We will discuss it for you below.

Tips on How to Treat Acne for Men with Oily Skin

Acne Treatment for Men With Oily Skin
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Alright Men, talking about acne treatment for men with oily skin, there are two alternative treatments that you can do, acne treatment using skin care products and treatments of acne naturally. Both of these alternatives have the same efficacy in addressing the problem of acne with oily skin.

However, a different outcome could arise because of how you apply these acne treatments.

So, it’s your choice but make sure you have a good will to solve your problem. If you do not have a good will, you will not get the best result.

Men’s Acne Treatment with Oily Skin by Using Skin Care Products

Having oily skin and acne requires special attention. It is because a lot of men who make a mistake in taking care of their faces. They are many treatments that can reduce the oil on the face, but it can cause the skin to become dry and without eliminating the acne itself.

And in general, almost everyone, both men, and women, with acne have oily skin types. Although there is a little case of dry skin having acne.

In fact, the oil that produced by our skin can keep him healthy, moist, and maintained firmness. However, if the oil production is too much, it will lead to various skin problems such as acne.

According to one medical director of Cambio Dermatology Cape Coral, Florida, Andrea Cambio, MD, there are several ways to overcome it. The way is to do a treatment with skincare products especially oily and acne, among others:

1. Cleanser (Milk Cleanser and Soaps)

All the world skin experts agree that cleansing the face in the morning and evening is the most efficient way of treating and eliminating acne on oily skin.

However, in this case, April Armstrong, MD, gives advice always to use a gentle facial cleanser, because harsh soaps can stimulate the skin to increase oil production.

Besides, Davis, assistant professor of dermatology at the University of California also add that we have to be careful with a washcloth. It is because the rough cloth washcloth can also stimulate the secretion of oil.

In reducing oil on the skin, facial cleansing will not be sufficient. Hence, they should try products that contain acids such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, glycolic acid or beta-hydroxy acids.

Armstrong said that there were a lot of goods that include the acid in the acne treatment product, so those products would be useful not only for acne but also for skin that is too oily.

Remember, you should be careful in choosing the product because some ingredients may cause irritation. Thus, use skin care products that have a concentration of acid that suitable for your skin.

Moreover, also use warm water to wash your face. Do not be too hot, because the extreme temperatures could irritate the skin.

2. Toner

There is little disagreement among experts regarding the use of skin toner to reduce oil on the skin. Some experts agree, and some others do not agree that the toner can minimize the oil on the skin.

However, Andrea Cambio found that many toner products on the market contained ingredients that tend to irritate and can even cause the excessive oil production.

He suggested if you use a toner, use toner on oily skin areas just like the forehead, nose, and chin. Avoid the use of toner in sectors that tend to dry the skin.

3. Medicated Powder

Another acne treatment product for oily skin is “medicated powder”. This powder contains salicylic acid, glycolic acid, acid or other oil absorbent material.

There are even some special medicated soaps are more practical because you can carry and use it anytime and anywhere. Medicated Soaps are known good to refresh the skin and also remove excess oil.

4. Blotting Paper

Blotting paper is one of the innovative products that offer benefits to removing the oil on your skin without making it dry.

It is quite simple. Apply only for oily skin areas such as the forehead, nose, and chin. Let them for a minute around 15 to 20 seconds. Lift and then you will see the results. Oil usually be reduced.

But you should not rub your skin with the Blotting Paper because it can irritate your skin.

5. Sebum Regulator

Sebum regulator is one of the clinical product to treat oily skin with a seborrheic tendency, impede five a-reductase activity and have an astringent effect and tightens the pores.

The products are made from natural ingredients and carefully selected to control the sebaceous hypersecretion without causing a rebound effect.

Its main components are Steroidic Heterosides with anti-inflammatory, and emulsifiers excess sebaceous lipids. Amino Acids, Peptides, and Zinc Salt sulfurated as Sebo-regulator. Mushroom basidiomycete as an astringent skin, Vitamin B (Niacinamide, Biotin and Panthenol), and base Xantic to inhibit lipogenesis.

So this product is claimed to control the production of sebaceous excretions, shrink pores face, improves comfort oily skin and have anti-irritant effects.

Alright Health Tips Seekers, these five products offer right acne treatment for oily skin. You just need to choose what products that suitable for you, and of course, you have to choose the right products and appropriate with your face skin type.

For notes and advice, when you select a product in treating acne for oily skin, make sure you mix and match it with a product that could control the production of oil.

The combination of these products can be more effective and prevent new acne as a result of oil production at the skin surface which is still clogged by dead skin.

For those men who do not want to use such products. There are other ways to treat your acne with oily skin.

We can call this method as a more natural way because you do not need a product that contains any chemicals and without any side effects.

How to treat acne with oily skin naturally? Let’s talk about it in the next explanation.

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Natural Acne Treatment For Men with Oily Skin

This method is especially for you, the patient men. Yeah, patience, because you will not get and feel the results immediately at that time.

The key of this acne treatment is a healthy lifestyle.

So, to treat acne with oily skin, you have to change your habits or patterns of everyday life to become healthier.

Because acne and oily face problem could arise due to unhealthy lifestyle or habits. So that, identify your unhealthy habits then adjust the lifestyle to became healthier habits.

You can start it with several activities such as follow.

1. Sports

Sport is one of the earliest habits that you can do. Do regular exercise because exercise can make the body healthier including our face.

Also, the exercise can accelerate blood circulation, maintain organ function, and remove waste from the body or detoxification.

It means when you do exercise and sweat; the sweat comes out with dirt and oil through the pores of the skin. Thus, it will make you healthier, close skin pores and also you will get a free acne and oil-free face.

2. Healthy Food

Acne and oily skin problems can arise due to unhealthy eating habits, including the foods you eat.

Perhaps you are very fond of fast food or junk food.

But you know that the food was processed using ingredients that are not healthy including oil. So, you will find that your face will become more oily.

Therefore, pay attention to the foods you eat. From now add more vegetables and fruits in your daily diet.

Various nutrients contained in both types of these foods will not only make your body healthy but will also make your skin more healthy and reduces excess oil on the skin.

Besides, keep the body to avoid dehydration by consuming water in the recommended amount.

Remember, avoid greasy foods that do not aggravate your skin.

3. Special Towel for Face

Do You still use a same towel to wipe the body and your face?

Stop that habit now.

Use a special towel for your face. It is one of the ways to overcome men’s oily skin naturally and to avoid acne. This simple way would make you avoid the bacteria that cause skin problems carried over from the body towels to your face.

4. Avoid Sleeping Too Late

If you have a bad sleeping habit, you have to change your night’s sleep habit if you want to avoid acne and oily skin.

The weakened body due to lack of rest will stimulate the glands below the skin to become more severe. And the result, skin will produce excess oil and cause inflammation that is called acne.

Therefore, try to sleep on time. Especially if you have a full schedule of activities. Enough sleep will help you avoid a broad range of health problems, including acne and oily skin.

5. Use Lemon as Natural Acne Treatment

Many people believe that lemon is a fruit that has a high vitamin c content. And vitamin C is needed by the skin. Vitamin C can treat acne, acne scars, as a skin whitening and reduce excess oil on the skin.

Therefore, you can use lemon as your acne treatment at home. You can make it as lemon juice, and you can drink every day. Or you can also apply sliced lemon to your face directly.

Slice the lemon thinly; then you can rub or put it on your face. Wait about 15 minutes and regularly do in the morning and evening.

In treating acne for men with oily skin, you can do it in various ways, namely by treatment using skin care products, or also you can do it naturally by changing habit of your everyday life.

If you choose to cure acne using skin care products, make sure that they are suitable to the characteristics of the male facial skin and do not contain ingredients that are harmful to your skin.

However, if you choose to change a habit of your life, also be sure to have a strong desire to overcome your acne problem, because changing habits or lifestyle will not be as easy as you think.

OK Health Tips Seekers, that’s all we can share with you about acne treatment for men with oily skin. Hopefully, it can help you in solving your problem.

And if you find this useful, help us to re-share it to your friends. See you in the next article.

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