Health Facts About Bananas: Nutrition and Advantages for Body Health

Health Facts About Bananas Nutrition and Advantages for Body Health

Health Facts – Hello Health Tips Seekers. Banana is a favorite fruit in the world. Almost, every people like to eat a banana. Even, the Minion loves it so much. But, do you know what vitamins are in a banana? Or do you know the health facts about Bananas? We convince you that you are in the best place to learn all about the long yellow fruit, Banana.

Banana is a unique fruit. It is not only delicious but also it has many health benefits to our body. As a result, banana becomes one of the most consumed fruits in the world.

In Several tropical countries like Indonesia, you can find many kinds of banana trees in every area. Even, you can get a banana tree in the backyard. It is so easy to find one.

Also, it is a multipurpose fruit. We can process it into several kinds of delicious food as a play or a side dish.

Thus, it is not amazing that Banana is a favorite fruit for many people.

Here today, in this article we will discuss several health facts about bananas. We will talk about the nutrient contents and the advantages of Banana for body health.

Let’s get the ball rolling.

Nutritional Facts of Bananas

Health Facts of Banana
(Health Facts of Banana, Photo Source : nutritiondata(dot)com)

Most of the people love banana so much. It is not only because banana has sweet and tasty tastes, but also its nutrient content. Do you know what nutrient contents of a banana?

Bananas not only have vitamins but also has a broad range of very useful content for the human body.

One serving medium banana (or about 126 grams) has 110 calories, 30 grams of carbohydrates and 1 gram of protein. Also, bananas also contain many vitamins and minerals.

And if you have indigestion, you are advised to eat these bananas in your daily menu. It is because bananas contain a high enough fiber. Thus, bananas are good for digestion.

For more detail, below we present Nutritional Facts of Banana in a table that we took from nutritiondata(dot)com.

Based on Nutrition Data, in portions of 100 grams of banana has a variety of calories by 89 calories, fat, about 0.3 mg, and the good are these bananas do not have the slightest cholesterol.

Also, banana has a sodium content of 1 mg, potassium of 358 mg, total carbohydrates by 23 grams, and 1.1 grams of protein.

Furthermore, it has 1% content of vitamin A, 15% vitamin C, 1% iron and also 1% calcium.

And you need to know, banana has a lot of fiber which is excellent in our digestive system. So that, it can bind fat in the intestines and facilitate defecation.

So, banana is also exquisite for those who are on a diet to lose weight and get a slim body.

With the content of banana like that, if you can consume this fruit regularly, you will get tremendous benefits.

The benefits we describe in the following explanation.

11 Excellent Advantages of Banana for Body Health

Health Facts About Bananas Nutrition and Advantages for Body Health
(Health Facts About Bananas Nutrition and Advantages for Body Health, Photo Source : commons(dot)wikimedia(dot)org)

Adding bananas to your daily diet menu has a wide variety of benefits for our body health.

As we’ve previously stated that bananas can help you to lose weight, keep the stomach or digestive health, provides a variety of good nutrition for the body, especially food for the heart as well as having a good vitamin for eye health.

Experts advise us to eat bananas as much as 4700 milligrams per day, equivalent to 2 -3 bananas.

And if you are eating regularly, health benefits for the body will get.

Here are a few Advantages of Banana for Body Health.

1. Blood circulation

Is it true that bananas could expedite the flow of blood?

Bananas can help blood circulation in the body because of its potassium content.
In fact, the content of bananas, namely potassium, can contribute to reducing the risk of stroke disease because potassium is known as a substance that can regulate blood pressure.

And as a result, bananas can prevent the onset of symptoms of heart disease.

2. Maintaining a healthy digestive system

Bananas also contain plenty of fiber. Fiber is known as the excellent content for reducing the risk of constipation.

With smooth digestion, you will be free from various intestinal diseases.

You do not need to consume a wide variety of laxatives; you just eat bananas regularly.

You can make banana juice and mix it with milk.

This menu can help reduce the risk of harmful intestinal disease, such as symptoms of colon cancer.

Vitamin C content of bananas can hold and accelerate the process of inflammation in the intestines.

3. Maintain Eye Health

If you think only carrots that can maintain healthy eyes, you are wrong.

Because bananas also contain vitamin A which is sufficient to sustain the health of your eyes.

Bananas contain vitamin A that is soluble in fat which is very vital to protect the eyes. Vitamin A can maintain the membrane that surrounds the eye, and it is one component of the protein that brings light into the cornea.

Experts say that intake of vitamin A which is sufficient to reduce the risk of blindness, so it is perfect for your eye vision every day.

The banana intake that is recommended by the experts for women is about 700 micrograms of vitamin A each day.

While for men is about 900 micrograms.

A banana by 6 inches, has nearly ten micrograms of vitamin A.

Bananas also contain alpha-carotene and beta-carotene, which is converted into vitamin A to maintain eye health.

4. Helps Heart Function

The heart is a vital body organ. And you have to keep a healthy heart if you still want to enjoy the sunshine.

One easy way to do is to eat a banana.

If you eat bananas at breakfast in the morning, it is a good thing because it will add to the body of nutrients that will support heart function.

Why do bananas can help heart function?

It is because bananas contain minerals called electrolytes potassium which is splendid for the heart.

When you eat a banana, potassium will be absorbed through the intestinal walls. And potassium walks around the cells in the body and dissolve in the liquid cell.

It is this process that will make the system flow in the body to flow continuously, and it is very necessary to make your heart ticking.

Imagine if you were very severe potassium deficiency, you might have great heart rhythm, and it can kill you.

5. Anemia

If you are an anemia patient, we recommend that you regularly eat bananas because bananas contain iron (FE) that is very nice.

You can just consume two bananas a day, and you will get the results.

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6. Asthma

What is the relation between banana and Asthma?

You should know that bananas can lower the risk of asthma.

A proven study that conducted by College London against children. And the results of these studies show that children who eat bananas at least one banana per day had a 34% lower chance of experiencing Asthma disease.

7. Liver

If you are a liver disease patient, you can add a banana to your daily menu.

And the menu like banana mixed with honey is a fabulous list to provide an appetite stimulant for patients with liver disease.

8. Diabetes

The experts conducted a study to patients with type 1 diabetes, and the result shows that patients with type 1 diabetes who do a high-fiber diet had normal blood glucose levels.

Also, the diet can improve lipid and insulin.

The good news, banana has a relatively high fiber content. One medium-size banana can provide about 3 grams of fiber needs.

9. Diarrhea

Diarrhea will eliminate the content of electrolytes such as potassium in large quantities, and it makes the body of diarrhea patient becomes limp.

For that, bananas can replace the need of electrolytes such as potassium that lost during diarrhea.

Besides, we highly recommend the type of food such as applesauce and bananas for the treatment of diarrhea.

10. Brain Healthy

Is it true that bananas can be healthy for the brain?

A study was conducted to answer the question.

Research carried out by 200 students who consume banana slices on their breakfast menu such as cereals.

And as a result, to a concentration of 200 students in learning increased since made the banana as their breakfast menu.

It is because of the potassium content in bananas that provide stimulation to the brain.

Besides, bananas are also highly recommended for babies who start eating solid foods. It is because bananas have a soft texture and good for brain development.

11. Good Nutrition For Pregnant Women

Bananas are also superb for pregnant women. A pregnant woman is very necessary to consume foods that are right for her and her fetus.

And Folic acid is a primary substance for a fetus to help prevent congenital disabilities in children.

Bananas provide around 85-100 calories which is essential for the formation of new cells in the fetus.

Moreover, bananas can also reduce morning sickness of pregnant women and also could keep blood sugar levels to remain sane and stable.

However, to get the maximum results, you are advised not to consume only bananas. Another food like nuts is also needed to support healthy fetal growth.


Banana is a fruit with excellent nutrient content, and it is very beneficial for health.

Various health problems can be overcome by eating bananas on a regular basis, starting from blood circulatory, digestive system, eye health, heart function and even it is very safe for pregnant women and infants.

Moreover, adding banana on your breakfast menu is a good step to start your day.

Nutrients contents in bananas can make you more focus and passion for living your daily activities.

Well Health Tips Seekers, that’s Health Facts about bananas. We have discussed nutrition and advantages of banana for body health.

Make sure you consume this remarkable fruit every day. And remember, be sure to choose fresh bananas.