Terrifying Effects of Smoking to The Body

Terrifying Effects of Smoking to Organs in Our Body

Health Facts – We are sure that you already know that smoking has many adverse effects on the body health. However, we do not know why so many smokers are desperate to quit this bad habits.

And this is a unique thing. You must have been familiar with a warning “Stop Smoking”. You can find those words anywhere and in almost every corner of the place in your city. However, these warnings do not have the power to make you quit smoking.

Seeing this, we will try to explain and remind you again of the harmful effects caused by smoking on the health of your body.

Besides, we will also take you to review the hazardous substances contained in a cigarette. Maybe you will feel shocked and started to quit smoking, even though we know that quitting smoking is your personal choice.

However, if you are more loving to your health, you should begin to stop smoking now.

Well, Health Tips Seekers, before we talk more about the various negative impacts of smoking on the body health, it is better if we take a look at the content of harmful cigarette below.

Harmful Content on a Stick of Cigarette

Harmful Content on a Stick of Cigarette
(Harmful Content on a Stick of Cigarette, Photo Source : commons(dot)wikimedia(dot)org)

You need to know, on a cigarette, there are about 4000 chemicals which hundreds of which are toxic and about 70 other ingredients are cancerous.

Here we will only be to explain to you some of the most dangerous chemicals contained in a cigarette.

What are these chemicals?

Here’s the explanation.

1. Carbon Monoxide
The most chemicals contain on a cigarette is carbon monoxide. We can find these chemicals in the actual car exhaust fumes.

The bad news is this chemical can bind to the hemoglobin permanently.
As we know, that, hemoglobin is essential for the delivery of oxygen throughout the body, including the intake of oxygen to the brain.

So that the impact of these chemicals can block the supply of oxygen to the body. And in the end, this will make your body tired quickly.

If you just go up the stairs, then you are tired, you are already feeling the adverse effects of carbon monoxide contained in a cigarette.

2. Tar
Next is Tar. We can find this chemical in a cigarette. If you smoke a cigarette, then naturally you will inhale the tar content.

Then what its negative impact?

Its negative consequences are this can settle in the lungs and have an adverse impact on the performance of the small hairs that line your lungs.

Though tiny hairs that have a crucial role in neutralizing and cleaning germs and other things that come in, for later re-export from our lungs.

Imagine if you smoke more than one cigarette a day, how the performance of the hair earlier in the lungs, definitely will not work optimally and you should be ready to bear all the risks of disease are going to feel.

3. Oxidants Gas
Also, a cigarette contains sizeable oxidant gas. This gas will more react to oxygen. These chemicals will also inhibit the delivery of oxygen throughout the body via the blood. And over time, the blood will clot.

Thus, the presence of these chemicals in the body will further increase the risk of stroke and heart attack due to blood clots.

4. Benzene
Benzene is a chemical that is frequently added to fuel oil or fuel your vehicle. And unfortunately, Benzene is also contained in a cigarette.

And you need to know that benzene can damage the cells in our body even at the genetic level. Furthermore, these substances have been implicated as the primary cause of various types of cancers such as kidney cancer and leukemia cancer.

In addition to all the ingredients we talk above, there are a lot of another toxic content in a cigarette. They are cadmium (batteries materials), arsenic (used in pesticides), toluene (found in paint thinners), formaldehyde (used to preserve dead bodies), and hydrogen cyanide (chemicals to make weapons).

However, with an explanation of the four compounds above, we can conclude that smoking does not have the slightest benefit to the health of our bodies.

When you smoke, you are more likely to have a heart attack. Smokers risk two to four times more likely to suffer heart disease. Higher risk if you are a smoker women who are taking birth control pills.

When smoking, you will also enter dangerous substances that can be bad for the health of the body, especially the heart. For example, nicotine.

When nicotine enters the body, it can reduce oxygen levels in the blood that will come into the body. This addictive substance can also raise blood pressure, speed up the heart rate, accelerate the blood clots that can trigger heart attacks, and damage blood vessels in the heart. Likewise with the harmful consequences of another organ of the body.

Are you still thinking about quitting smoking?

If so, let’s continue our discussion about the terrible impact of smoking on the health of organs in our body.

Consider the following explanation.

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Terrifying Effects of Smoking to Organs in Our Body

Terrifying Effects of Smoking to Organs in Our Body
(Terrifying Effects of Smoking to Organs in Our Body, Photo Source : commons(dot)wikimedia(dot)org)

Maybe you just know the impact of smoking in general terms, such as smoking can damage health and cause many dangerous diseases like heart disease and stroke.

If we examine further and discuss more deeply, smoking can damage various organs of the body specifically.

Then, what are any organ that has the risk of harmful consequences of smoking?

1. Brain
The first organ that has the risk of adverse effects of smoking is Brain. Smoking could increase the possibility of stroke by 50 percent. It is a pretty significant number. And it can cause brain damage, and the worst is death.

Besides, smoking can also increase the risk of brain aneurysm disease.

What is a brain aneurysm?

A brain aneurysm is a disease which is swelling of blood vessels caused by weakening of its wall.

With the weakening of the walls of blood vessels are present, at any time can rupture and lead to bleed in the brain, and it can cause death.

2. Mouth and Throat
Another effect, we can say “light effect,” caused by smoking is bad breath and stained teeth. But, in an extended period, the worsening effect could happen.

One of the serious diseases that can generate as a result of smoking may start with gum disease, damage to the sense of taste, as well as increasing the risk of the tongue cancer, throat, lips and vocal cords.

3. Lungs
It is one of the harmful effects and can regard as a direct result of smoking, namely lung cancer.

The chemicals that you suck on cigarettes could potentially major damage cells in the lungs that can kill cancer cells.

Besides, another serious disease that could have you experienced from your smoking habit is bronchitis, pneumonia, and emphysema.

4. Stomach
Maybe you think the stomach has nothing to do with smoking. But actually smoking can have a negative impact on your stomach?

How can it be?

Smoking could make the muscles which control the lower part of the esophagus more weaken. Thus, it can move the acid from the stomach into the wrong direction into the esophagus.

The condition is called gastric acid diseases. Also, there is some risk of other diseases, for example, gastric ulcer or ulcer disease, and the worst thing is gastric cancer.

5. Bone
Can smoking have a negative impact on the bones?

Yes, it is very reasonable. Cigarettes contain chemicals that can damage cells through the genetic stage. Moreover, only the bone cells. So, smoke could damage the cells of our bones.

Toxins in cigarettes can damage the bone by stopping the cells work construction. As a result, smokers have the higher risk of brittle bones or osteoporosis than non-smokers.

Cigarette toxins can also disrupt the balance of hormones in charge keep bones strong, like the hormone estrogen.

6. Skin
Skin needs oxygen to regenerate dead skin cells. If it blocks oxygen intake needed by skin, of course, you can guess how it would be. Yes, you will experience premature aging.

A smoker will look older than nonsmokers because of a lack of oxygen to the skin. Premature aging will be felt, as the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. Cigarette toxins can also cause cellulite on the skin.

7. Reproductive Organs
A man wants a healthy reproductive system and fertility. For those of you who are married, fertility certainly is the most important thing to get a descent.

Also, there is a disease that is not desired by men; that is impotence. This disease would be very disruptive and damage the harmony of your relationship with the wife.

And in fact, smoking may interfere with the reproductive system and fertility. In men, smoking can cause impotence, reduced sperm production, and testicular cancer.

So, you have to think to stop smoking now.

While in women, smoking can reduce fertility. Besides, the risk of cervical cancer was higher by smoking reduces the body’s natural ability to fight infection with the human papillomavirus or HPV.

Ok Health Tips Seekers, in addition to physical ailments that we described above, the smokers are also susceptible to contracting various mental illnesses such as stress and depression. A smoker will have higher stress level than nonsmokers.

During this time, maybe you and some people think that smoking can make you more relaxed, you consider nicotine can calm your mind, but it turns out it is a great one.

Things that make smokers restless and anxious is to nicotine withdrawal symptoms. With smoking, addiction to nicotine will be fulfilled and feel like the cigarette smokers reduce stress.

So, it is clear that smoking not only damages a person’s physical but also emotional person.

Moreover, It is true that not all smokers will die from heart disease, lung cancer, or stroke. But the smoking habit can be very annoying and reduce the quality of your daily life.

Simple effects of smoking that you can feel every day are coughing, shortness of breath, tired more quickly, are more susceptible to infection, or sleep disorder characterized by difficulty breathing at night and then feel tired in the morning.

With that simple effect alone probably it is already quite disturbed and did not want to experience it.

Health Tips Seekers, maybe you are used to hearing the dangers of smoking on the body, but you still can not stop habits in smoking because you feel that now your health is fine.

You need to remember, smoking is the same as saving the toxins in the body can gradually accumulate if you do for continuously.

By doing so, the risk of disease would be higher in old age. Not only you, the people nearby will feel the effects of inhaling cigarette smoke which is very harmful.

You do not want your family to get the adverse effects of smoking, do you?

In conclusion, we know that quitting smoking is a choice of every person. However, we created this article because we care about your health.

We want you to be aware and start thinking of quitting smoking because smoking does not have a bit advantage for your health. So, from now think about your future if you want to continue living with cigarettes and the adverse effects it carries? Or you want to live healthily and live your future in peace?

All of are your choice.

Now, if you think to stop smoking, read our article about tips on how to quit smoking.

Finally, we hope the article we wrote about Terrifying Effects of Smoking to the Body can be useful for you.