8 Super Health Benefits of Cashews

8 Super Health Benefits of Cashews

Healthy Foods – We will find out some health benefits of cashews since it is the most popular foods all over the world. People use it as a special ingredient in their cooking. They like it not only because it is delicious, but also it has several health benefits.

Types of Peanuts are one of the healthy foods that people like so much. They usually peanuts as a snack.

One of them is cashews.

Cashews have a delicious tasted with the combination of sweet that make them perfect for salad ingredient.

Cashew is one of the fresh and delicious ingredients in every cooking all over the world.

Before we explore more detail about several health benefits of cashews, let us take a closer look at nutritious content and cashews itself.

The History of Cashews

Cashews tree is the origin plant from tropical forest of Amazon in Brazil. The Portuguese explorers bring this plant in their exploration so that it can spread to many countries.

Until today, many countries, such as Brazil, Vietnam, India, and Africa, cultivate the cashews commercially.

Cashews had ½ inches in size with the diameter as kidney-shaped, smooth top and pointed arched.

It has solid white cream color, but it has butter texture with a pleasant, sweet fruit aroma.

People is like it so that they usually use it as an ingredient of cake, or they fry them and eat as a snack.

Nutritious Content of Cashews

In general, cashews has nutritive content which is good for our body health.

It is rich in iron, phosphor, selenium, magnesium and also zinc. Cashews are also the good source for phytochemical, antioxidant, and protein.

Therefore, if we take a look at the nutritious content of the cashews, we are sure that cashews have many health benefits.

Top 8 Health Benefits of Cashews

8 Super Health Benefits of Cashews
(Cashews, Photo Source: commons*wikimedia*org)

Next, we will discuss top 8 health benefits of cashews. We are sure that you will be amazed by the fact.

Here they are:

1. Keeping Heart Health

Cashews contain lower fat than the most type of peanuts. Mainly, it forms as oleate acid and healthy whole unsaturated fat which is good for the heart. We can also find these substances in olive oil.

Oleate acid can increase the heart health by help decreasing the triglyceride level which is related to the increasing risk of the heart problem.

The high anti-oxidant content is also can contribute to minimizing the danger of a coronary heart (heart attack) and cardiovascular.

Moreover, magnesium can help to lower blood pressure and prevent the heart attack.

Therefore, if you want to have a healthy heart, start eating cashews and add them to your daily diet menu.

2. Treating Hair and Skin Health

Cashews are rich in mineral copper. It is a critical component to managing the production of the enzyme.

One enzyme, which contains copper, contains tirosinase. It is a pigment that can treat the health of hair and skin color.

Without this content, cashews can not do its job to treat hair and skin health.

3. Keeping Bones Health

We knew that calcium is good to strengthen the bones. However, our bones also need magnesium.

Cashews can give you more magnesium than any other foods.

Whereas, we can find copper in cashews which are important for enzyme function. It can join the collagen and elastin which give the substances and flexibility of bones and joints.

4. Prevent Cancer

Cashews contain proanthocyanidins. One of the types is flavanol which really can stop the growth of tumor and cancer cells.

Research shows that cashews can decrease the risk of intestines cancer. Besides, it can remove the free radical substances from our body.

Furthermore, it is a god source for phytochemical and antioxidant that protect us from the heart attack and cancer.

5. Energy Booster

Cashews are rich in calorie. Thus, it is good for you who have less energy.

Since calorie is the primary source that can increase our stamina and energy to do some activities.

So, if you have a hard work and need more energy, try to bring cashews to your workplace and having a snack with it.

6. Control Body Weight

Cashews are one of peanuts type which is rich in fat content. However, it is a good fat for your body (HDL).

Besides, the fat content in cashews is lower than other peanut types such as ground nuts, almond, and any other peanut types.

It is a good snack for you. If you feel hungry and worry about your body weight, cashews are the answer to that worries.

Although, you eat cashews at night, it is still good for your body weight. You can find more healthy night snacks in our previous article.

7. Prevent Gall Stone

Some experts have conducted research toward cashews for years in associated with the capability to cope with gall stone.

A research, conducted by Nurses Health Study with 80.000 women as an object research, shows that the women who consume at least 1 ounce of cashews, peanut or peanut butter in every week, have the risk 25% lower to get gallstone.

One ounce contains around 28.6 cashews or 2 tables spoon cashews.

Consuming cashews is crucial to prevent the gall stone in long-term.

8. Good For Nerve Health

The magnesium content of cashews can make our nerve more relax. Then, the blood vessel and muscle will also be more relax.

Less magnesium in the body can cause too many calcium that enters the nerve cell. As a result, it can send too many messages and too many constructions.

Try to eat cashews in your spare time or after work so you can feel more relax and continue to do another activity.

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Cashews are not only an ingredient in cooking, but it also has a great content to make our body healthy.

It contains a lot of substances such as rich in iron, phosphor, selenium, magnesium and zinc. Besides, they are also the best source for phytochemical, antioxidant, and protein.

It comes from Tropical Forest in Brazil. However, all people in the world can taste the delicious and the health benefit of it.

We hope that these top 8 health benefits of cashews can help you solve your health problems

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