Healthy Night Snacks

Healthy Night Snacks

Healthy Foods – Healthy night snacks is a great deal for some people who likes to have snacking at night. Having snacks at night has the adverse impact on our health, especially for our body weight.

Do you like cakes? How about the chips or ice cream?

They are the most popular snacks in the world. They are very delicious, but they are high in calories, high in fat and also high in sugar. With these contents, they tend to know as unhealthy snacks.

Let me ask you something.

Do you often feel guilty when you have those snacks?

If yes, you are not alone. Snacking is not a terrible mistake, and you do not have, to feel guilty. However, if you have a complicated body weight problem, you should know that it harms you.

Consuming a smaller portion or eating more often can be very helpful for you body. We can have snacks every two until three hours so we can not get excessive calories and sugar level in blood.

Before, we discuss Healthy Night Snacks more detail. You should know the big mistakes in snacking every day.

2 Big Mistakes in Consuming Snacks Everyday

You should know that there are two big mistakes in consuming snacks everyday.

They are as follow:

1. Choosing Snacks which is High in Fat and Sugar

It will be your first big mistake if you have high-fat and high-sugar snacks. For a small portion, it has many calories. They will not give you satisfied feeling in the extended period.

Candy and chips are the examples of snacks which is high in fat and sugar.

Do not you still feel hungry when you eat a small pack of chips or 2 ounces of candy?

You know that there are 320 calories in each small pack of chips where we can change it into a better snack.

2. Choosing High Carbs Snacks

Sometimes we want the snacks which are high in carbs to make us feel satisfied longer. However, we want the wrong choice such as apple and pear. They are high carbs snacks, but they are not meaty.

When you eat them, they came to your digestive system and processed fastly. Thus, you will feel hungry in a short period.

It is different if we balance between carbs with protein and fat. The snacks will make you full in longer time.

For snacks and weight loss, it is important to choose high-fiber and high-nutrition snacks such as seed, nut, fruits and vegetables. You can also add the nutrition from low-fat milk and non-fat meat, so they do not give you an “empty” contribution without nutrient value.

Top 10 Healthy Night Snacks

Healthy Night Snacks
(Yogurt – Healthy Night Snacks, Photo Source: pixabay(dot)com)

Here, we have arrived in the main topic. So, we will provide you the list of top 10 healthy night snacks.

They are explained as follow:

1. High Fiber Snacks

If you hungry at night, make sure that you choose the high fiber snacks for snacking.

High soluble fiber snacks have become more useful. The time needed by the soluble fiber to leave the stomach is relatively more slowly time. Thus, it will tend to boost the better blood sugar level, and it will make you full longer.

There are so many kinds of high soluble fiber that we can choose for snacking at night. They are the pea, and peanuts like edamame, wheat, and oatmeal that we can mix with low-fat milk, vanilla extract and a little bit of cinnamon to taste.

You do not have to cast away your snacks to change it with a big plastic of oatmeal or peanut.

We can start to choose healthy night snacks smartly by combining several fruits such as apple, orange, mangoes, plum, kiwi, pear, several vegetables and tuber such as sweet potato, radish, cabbage, green peas, broccoli, carrot, cauliflower, asparagus and maybe a bit.

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2. Healthy Anti-Fat Snacks

We are sure that you do not want to have an overweight body after you have snacking at night, do you? So please try to find healthy anti-fat snacks.

There are some healthy snacks which do not have an impact on our body weight. Although we consume it in large portion, it does not have any effects at all to our body weight.

Remember that we do not only want a healthy snack to fill up our mouth but also we want to have it any longer in our stomach, so we will not feel hungry anymore after that.

Based on the American Journal of International Nutrition Glycemic Index and value of Glycemic content, several foods has a regular glycemic index and calories value where it does not have an impact on our body weight.

You can choose those foods as your snacks at night such as fowl meat (without skin), vegetable salad, bread, and avocado.

They will not make you fat although you eat them in a large portion. It is the best alternative for you who want to have to snack in a large amount.

3. Peanut is the Best

One ounce of peanuts is the perfect healthy night snacks. They will only add around 170 calories, 7 gram of carbs, 6 gram of protein and 15 gram of fat.

The high number of fat in peanuts will take a longer time to be processed and will help them to feel more satisfied and full to your stomach.

Hazelnut and almond are some examples of peanuts which contain lower saturated fat and high in unsaturated fat. Our body needs this unsaturated fat, but they do not make you overweight.

Whereas, pistachio and macadamia peanuts are the foods that high in soluble fiber. They have around 3 gram of fiber per ounce. Moreover, canary peanuts contain the best unsaturated fatty acid omega-3.

4. Choose Your Favorite Yogurt

Yogurt is another best healthy night snacks. A cup of yogurt with various fruits on it is a healthy snack at home, work or night.

A big cup of 7 ounces low-fat yogurt contains around 14 gram of complex carbs.

Add several fresh fruits or combine with another healthy snack to make this healthy snacks become your favorite and fun.

5. Take Some Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits is another alternative for choosing a healthy night snack. It is more useful than you buy unhealthy one.

You can make a balanced snack by enjoying fresh fruits at night.

We recommend you to prepare them in your refrigerator. The fruits are strawberry, orange, kiwi, pear, plum, grapes or even sliced melon.

You can enjoy it while you are watching your favorite tv channel.

6. Seeds to Lower Your Cholesterol

The latest research shows that people, who consume seed in each daily life, have a lower diabetes and cholesterol level.

This kind of foods is amazing. They can increase the production of insulin efficiently so that they can balance the sugar level in blood.

Furthermore, the experts believe that lower circulation of insulin can help to prevent the overweight.

Take your time at night to enjoy some seeds such as Chia seed, sunflower seed, sesame seed and flax seed or Rami.

7. Eat Your Vegetables

Cutting your fresh raw vegetables and add with added low-fat taste such as milk, cheese or mustard will give a better taste.

If you like sauteed food, you can try several vegetables such as leafy vegetable, pak choi that mix with chicken meat or beef.

Fresh vegetables are always the better snacks for you at night. They are healthy.

8. Try Trail Mix

Trail mix is a mixing of several dry fruits food. They will give you some fibers, carbs calories in sufficient amount.

You can add it with banana chips or dry jackfruit that you can buy in the supermarket to taste, or you can add the best dry plum.

They are the exact and healthy snacks to throw away your empty feeling at night.

9. Drink Infused Water

Snacks should eat slowly. Please notice that it takes time about 20 minutes for our brain to get a message that your stomach is full.

Give it time so that your brain get the full message right before you decide to stop snacking.

By enjoying a cold mineral water without added sweetener, such infused bottle will help you to eat your snacks slowly.

You can make your infused bottle with your favorite fresh fruits.

Enjoying night is never so fun as it is.

10. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is the last alternative for people in choosing healthy night snacks.

It has more cacao powder and low sugar level. So, it is the better choice for you who want to have to snack at night and do not want an overweight body.

For women, it is good news because dark chocolate contains the antioxidant which is good for your skin.

Furthermore, the polyphenol of dark chocolate can reduce your blood pressure so that you will feel calmer after consuming it.

Try to eat a bar of dark chocolate at night, and you will have a profound sleep.

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Choosing the healthy night snacks is a great deal for you who do not want to have the overweight body and some health problems.
However, we do not recommend you to have a snack as your main food. Although it will give you around 150 until 200 calories to your body, it is not good for you.

Those snacks are the alternatives foods when you are hungry at night. They will make you full and stay healthy.

Make sure that you prepare all of these snacks for seven days ahead every week in your refrigerator. Do and combine your healthy snacks. And in 30 days, you will have a better and lighter feeling.

Alright Health Tips Seekers, we hope that this top 10 healthy night snacks can help your hungry problem at night.