Healthy Night Snacks for Weight Loss

Healthy Foods – Finding out healthy night snacks for weight loss is a great deal for you who want to keep your ideal body or run a weight loss program. Many experts suggest you not to have a dinner at 8 p.m. to keep your perfect body.

That’s the rule for people who run a healthy diet. They have to obey it.

But the problem comes when you are very busy, you do not have a time to dinner, and you get hungry at night.

How do they suppose to do?

Well, you do not have to act on the rule because there is still an alternative way to fix the problem.

There is so many foods choice that does not have an impact on your body weight. It means that there are so much healthy night snacks for weight loss you can choose every day.

These healthy night snacks could make you full, but they also keep your body weight. Moreover, they can help you lose your weight.

Somebody must know that snacks are identical with the overweight causes. Mainly, if you want to have snack at night before going to bed.

However, eating at night or having dinner, if we do it right, it could not be a big problem to your body weight. In fact, it can give you some benefits.

Research show that consuming food which high in protein at night, can help your body to shape your muscle when you are sleeping.

While snacking large/complex carb foods will help the body to control blood sugar level in the next morning. Even, it can manage your appetite well.

Furthermore, a little simple carb food that mixed with protein can make a profound sleep for you.

So, I  think that you do not have to worry about having snacks at night. There are some healthy night snacks for weight loss that can make you stay slim and do not ruin your diet program.

Below, we will discuss top 14 healthy night snacks for weight loss.

Let’s have a look.

Top 14 Healthy Night Snacks for Weight Loss

Healthy Night Snacks for Weight Loss
(Pistachio Peanut, Photo Source: pixabay(dot)com)

After you read this explanation, you will find that there are some healthy snacks that you can eat at night when you are starving.

And maybe, some of them are foods that you always consume or keep in your refrigerator.

Here are healthy night snacks for weight loss.

1. Almond

Almond is a good snack that you can eat at night. According to research in American Journal of Clinic Nutrition, people who consume almond routinely, have a healthy cholesterol and triglyceride category.

It means that if we have healthy cholesterol and triglyceride level, we will have a lower risk to get a heart attack disease.

So, you can have a snack with almond at night. But we suggest you eat the raw or roasted almond without adding any taste or another sweetener to keep its low calorie.

Moreover, almond has around 98 calories. Eating almonds can make you full any longer. You can consume 13 until 14 almond when you are famished at night.

2. Apple

Apple contains 100 calorie and rich in soluble fiber which can help to protect us from environment pollution and decrease cholesterol level in your body.

Therefore, apple is a better choice good night snack for you. It can cut down you are hungry and also keep calorie intake to your body.

Make sure you have some apples in your refrigerator.

3. Grapes

Grapes is a king favorite fruit in history. They love it because it has many advantages for the body. It has around 100 calories, and it will assist you to cure anemia, exhaustion, and rheumatism.

If you want to full any longer but still have low calorie, then grapes could be one of your favorite fruits lists.

Eating 30 grapes at night is enough to make you full.

4. Melon

Do you have melon in your icebox? That could be your next healthy night snack for weight loss.

It is a good fruit because it only has 88 calories and contains more water. It is the best healthy snack for your diet.

5. Salty Peanut

Try to eat around ten salty peanuts when you are hungry at night. It contains only 74 calories, and it is suitable for you who do not want to take the risk of overweight because of snacking at night.

It has lower Glycemic Index (GI), and it can help release the energy of our body slowly so it can make you full longer.

6. Tomato

This round red shaped fruit can settle your hungry at night. You can eat the raw tomato, or maybe you have a special recipe to make a warm tomato soup.

That would be an excellent snack idea.

Be calm. It only has 74 calories. It will not make you fat.

7. Pear

A sweet pear only has around 100 calories. Eating pear can also make you feel fresh and settle the annoyed hungry before going to bed.

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8. Kiwi

Kiwi is a great fruit because it has rich vitamin source and only has 58 calories. It is low enough to be a night snack.

Just eating two kiwis when your hungry comes and it is done.

9. Blueberry

Blueberry, which is good for the heart, can be an alternative healthy night snack. It is high in anti-oxidant, and it can help you to slow down the aging process.

Moreover, it is also good for our brain function and low calorie.

You can enjoy the blueberry with your way. You can make blueberry juice at night, and it only has 83 calories.

And maybe you can enjoy frozen blueberry or cold blueberry added with little cream or 2 until three spoons of yogurt, that would make it tastier and fresher.

10. Cherry

Cherry is the next healthy night snack which is good for you.

Are you kidding at me? How come?

No, I am not kidding at you.

Please, you do not look at the size, but look at its benefits to your body. Cherry contains high vitamin and low fat.

If your hungry comes at night, just eat around 25 cherries for 100 calories. That is enough to make you full.

11. Dark Chocolate

How come eating chocolate at night could be a healthy snacking activity? Chocolate can make us obese, does not it?

Wait a minute. Let me explain it.

Dark chocolate is another type of chocolate. It contains more real kakao which is low in sugar level. Therefore, it can be you healthy and high nutrition night snack.

Dark chocolate contains around 50% until 70% of kakao powder and lower sugar level. Moreover, it is high in antioxidant which is good for your skin.

Polyphenol in dark chocolate can reduce the blood pressure, increase insulin sensitivity (prevent to have excessive sweet food desirability), strive against the inflammation, and increase the positive mood.

So, eat some bars of dark chocolate if you are hungry at night and it will make you feel calm and sleep well.

12. Banana Ice Cream

Do you want to eat ice cream at night but worry about the fat and high calorie?

Choose another healthier alternative food by making banana ice cream.

It is easy to do. Just take two or three bananas. Slice them and add a cup of strawberry. Then, put them in the refrigerator until they go frozen.

After that, take it out. Put it in a blender and process until they shape look like pasta or ice cream. And it is done.

Banana ice cream which is high in fiber and potassium mineral is really good for your metabolism.

It tastes delicious, surfeited and also do increase the blood sugar level. The strawberry contains vitamin c and antioxidant. It is good for your body health.

Now, you know the recipe. Once you get hungry, then you can make this banana ice cream.

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13. Pistachio Peanut

Pistachio has a lot of nutrition. Maybe, it is tasteless, but it contains fiber, biotin, B6 vitamin, thiamine, folic and unsaturated fat.

Eating a couple of pistachios or even eating around 15 is still safe because this peanut is the low calorie peanut. You can add some salt or you can also combine it with cheese or some fruits.

14. Warm Honey Milk

To make this warm honey milk, please choose low-fat milk or nonfat milk.

However, in general, milk contains tryptophan. It is a substance that can increase the production of serotonin. It can arise calm and happy feeling.

Furthermore, milk has many surfeited nutrition.

At cold night, this warm honey milk is an excellent choice. Just add a little honey (a half of the teaspoon) into your non-fat milk, and you will get the digestible sugar intake, stimulate the hormone to create serotonin.

Drink warm honey milk at night; you will feel full and have a profound sleep.


Snacking at night is the dilemma for you who run a diet program or do not want to have the overweight body. However, you can find another alternative food if you feel hungry at night.

You can choose one of healthy night snacks that we talk about above and stay slim. Even, those snacks are healthy for weight loss.

Therefore, you are allowed to have a snack at night but make sure that you have healthy night snacks. There are still ways to cope with your night hungry with the top 14 healthy night snacks that we suggest for you.

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