Top 10 Tips for Positive Mental Health

Top 10 Tips for Positive Mental Health

Health Tips – Here, we would like to discuss top 10 tips for positive mental health since mental is another important factor that effect to the whole body health. Read the full article to get the more comprehensive understanding of mental health.

We agree that a healthy body needs a healthy mental and also conversely.

Nowadays, we feel that our life becomes harder to live. It starts with the economic problem, social problem, and the environment problem.

These problems are getting harder and harder time after time. These stress factors could give adverse impact to our body and mental health.

Many people who lose their minds and get mental problem easily.

It will be a big challenge for us to run a healthy life.

We need to live a harmony life and manage our body, mental and spiritual in a right way.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), mental health is not only a condition where there is no mental problem, but also it contains several positive characteristics that describe the harmony and the balance of mental.

And it reflects the maturity of the person personality.

Now, we have a question for that.

How do we should do to improve our positive mental health?

That’s why we want to explain you the top 10 tips for positive mental health.

Here they are:

Top 10 Tips for Positive Mental Health

Top 10 Tips for Positive Mental Health
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These tips are necessary. Even so, it gives a lot of impacts to improve our positive mental health. Try to apply these tips regularly, and you will feel the result.

Here are the tips for our positive mental health.

1. Doing Exercise

Based on the research, activities or sports are more efficient to prevent and cure the depression problem better than drugs.

A professor of Sport and Physical Health Science from Arizona University, Daniel M. Landers, found the fact that by moving our body for 10 minutes every day, our mental health will increase faster.

Sport or Exercise could increase the strength of cardiovascular, brain, and influence the endogenous opioids (one of the beta-endorphin which can decrease pain), enhance our memory, normalize the appetite, sex, blood pressure, and ventilation.

When we are doing sport, the pitutiary gland will increase the beta-endorphin production, and as a result, the concentration of beta-endorphin increase in the blood which flows to the brain.

So, it will cut down the pain, nervousness, depression and fatigue.

Also, doing exercise can increase alpha wave, and can smooth the brain neurotransmitter by increasing the norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin level in our brain, where it can decrease the depression.

The researchers approve that the supplier of brain nerves such as norepinephrine (NE) and serotonin (5-HT) are involved in depression and schizophrenia.

2. Express Your Love

Showing our love is another core to happiness. We need to show our love correctly either in time, place, and people or partners such as children and family.

Showing love is not about saying “I Love You” every day to all individuals.

However, helping other people could be our way to show love. It can make our life more meaningful.

When helped people need our presence, it will give us happiness.

So, by expressing our love, the ventilation will provide you with accepted feeling and pleasure.

3. Decrease Your Time in Watching Television or Playing Game Online

Watching television, movies or even playing game excessively could influence your mental health.

Violence on the news, action movies and games can decrease your emotional balance. Also, it can make you more depress, affect your emotional response.

After we saw many acts of violence, we could not recognize it as abuse anymore, and we will consider it as an everyday thing.

Advertisements on television are also can make your sense and brain overloaded and exhausted.

However, if you need to watch a movie, choose the actual and humored movie.

4. Have a Positive Hobby

Someone will need a hobby after their routine work to build the happiness positively.

There are so many positive hobbies such as farming, gardening, painting, playing music instruments, cooking and writing.

In fact, listening to music, such as classical music, can balance chemical process in our brain.

5. Close Yourself to the Almighty God

Taking prayer routinely can fulfill your spiritual or mental needs which are a vital component in mental prosperity.

Ignoring your spiritual needs will only make you feel nervous and not composed.

Praying is an active medium in preventing and war against mental health problems.

For a Moslem, you can do shalat in Masjid, reciting Qur’an and reading the history of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

And if you are a Christian, you can go to the church more often and read the bible.

So, making close to our God is another key to keep our mental health.

6. Doing Outdoor Recreation

We will need a new, different condition outside our routine activities by spending time in nature.

“Green Therapy” by looking at the beautiful forest, ricefield, mountain, lake or river could be another solution to find the coolness, calm your mind, and free it from negative thinking.

Try to have a planning to go hiking on the weekend with your family or partner, and you will find a piece of happiness in your life.

7. Have a Best Friend

Friends are the best place to share. Become a part of the community which gives the support is another thing to be needed.

We can share our problem to our friend and maybe they will give you a solution. Also, it can make you think that it is not only you who face the problem.

You will have fun with your close friends.

Try to find a friend who you can trust to, so your friendship will give you happiness.

8. Balancing Your Food

Food is another key factor to get positive mental health.

Why? Because someone has said that “You are what you eat.”

Thus, food can reflect how healthy you are.

Keeping the balance of your healthy food and start to manage it by eating a lot of fruits and vegetables.

Wrong foods will only make you unhealthy even worsened the symptoms of various diseases included autism, schizophrenia, depression, anxiousness, and panic attack.

The foods that contain essential fat such as belida fish, tuna, squash, and beans are good for your health.

Also, people believe that milk and chocolate can make your mind calm.

9. Avoid Pornography

The stimulation of sexual pornography can contribute to the growth of emotional emptiness which can cause depression, bipolar disruption, and another mental health.

In fact, it can ruin your mind and make you think negatively.

10. Reading and Reading

One of the ways to make your mind always active is by reading.

Reading can be a way to strengthen your mental, especially if we focus on positive reading such as reading biography, inspiring stories, novel, and poetry can give you advantages to your mental health.

Besides, it can improve your skill and knowledge.

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At least, by doing these ten tips, you can find happiness and improve your mental health.

It seems very simple things to do.

You can start by doing exercises, expressing your love, decreasing your time in watching television, having a positive hobby, closing yourself to the Almighty God, doing outdoor recreation, having a best friend, balancing your food, avoid pornography, and reading.

However, these simple things could give you real mental health.

In essential, find some positive activities that you can do to improve your positive mental health.

Alright Health Tips Seekers, we think that our discussion on the Top 10 Tips for Positive Mental Health is enough.

We hope that it can be useful for you who looking for the way to manage their mental health.