The Latest Health Facts Show Aromatherapy Candles and Room Deodorizer Can Cause Cancer

Health Facts – Hi Health Tips Seekers, this time, in the category of health facts, we will discuss about the dangers of aromatherapy candles and air freshener for your health. Do you always use them in your home? Know what impact the use of aromatherapy candles and air freshener for your health based on the latest research.

Almost everyone knows that the aromatherapy candles are very beneficial for our body. The aroma of the candle can help the body relieve fatigue and stress. Not only that, air freshener that has a distinctive fragrance much-loved by everyone. The reason is simple, that is to make the room more fragrant and comfortable.

However, from now on, it seems you have to start to be careful with the use of aromatherapy candles and room deodorizer.

Why do we have to be more careful?

The Latest Health Facts Show Aromatherapy Candles and Room Deodorizer Can Cause Cancer
(Aromatherapy Candles and Room Deodorizer, Photo Source : commons(dot)wikimedia(dot)org)

Because a study on the matter has been done with quite surprising results. Quoted by the Daily Mail, evidently, the study shows that such objects are unsafe and dangerous to health.

But, not only the two such things, other things such as aerosols, incense, air fresheners (a solid, spray, or gel) are also included in the list of hazardous objects for health.

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How can these results be obtained?

The results obtained after a variety of research conducted on the same six modern home for five days. This research was conducted by Professor Alastair Lewis of the National Center for Atmospheric Science at the University of New York.

He is measuring the levels of various organic chemicals produced these objects volatile in the air. Later, he found a series of substances in the air, one of them are benzene and alpha-pinene substance, these substances are often used in many cleaning products.

When it in contact with the air, the molecules of these substances can change and generate other chemical substances molecules such as formaldehyde. These chemicals can potentially alter the structure of the DNA of people who inhale it and cause abnormal cells with ease, which later it develop into cancer.

If people inhale aromatherapy candles and air freshener continuously, in the long term, with the produced chemicals, the two objects can cause tumors, impaired lung health and asthma.

Not only that, the health facts is, the impact of substance formaldehyde is associated with the nose cancer and throat. The simple effect, these substances can cause sore throat, coughing, itchy eyes and nosebleeds.

If you see the results of these studies, it is enough to make us worry. Because, of course you do not want to have all of the disease, is not it?

But in the study as well, the researchers say that there are some plants that can absorb formaldehyde chemical substances arising from the use of aromatherapy candles and air freshener.

These plants are geranium, lavender, ferns and vines English Ivy.

They can be used as an alternative solution, you can use these plants if you wanted to use candles in your home.

But, beyond all this, of course, more research remains to be done to improve the existing findings.

So, as a form of prevention, it is good if you are no longer using aromatherapy candle or air freshener in your home or by reducing the intensity of their use.

That’s the latest health facts you should know about the use of aromatherapy candles and air freshener. Now we know that aromatherapy candles and room deodorizer can cause some disease such as cancer.

Well, Health Tips Seekers, take care of your health, because your health is the amazing gift from God in this life. See you on the next health tips articles.

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