Tips on How to Get Rid of Stubborn Acne and Blackheads

Acne Treatment – We can say that the blackheads and acne are two things that can not be separated from the facial skin problems that often arise and experienced by everyone. Blackheads and acne problems often arise at times of growth or the teenage years.

And do you know? that, apparently, acne have various types that probably most people do not know.

Before we discuss the treatment of acne and blackheads that can assist you in overcoming this problem. It is good if we will discuss the various types of acne beforehand that you should know.

So, in this article you will find various kinds of acne and the best tips on how to get rid of stubborn acne and blackheads.

Well, Health Tips Seekers, let us discuss them one by one.

Types of Acne

Acne is divided into various types, including the following:

1. Ordinary Acne

Perhaps for this type of acne, almost everyone knows and maybe they have experienced it. Physically, we can recognize it from its shape, which has a small bulge with pink slightly reddish.

The cause of acne on the skin due to a person’s pores which are clogged and infected by bacteria. Bacterial infections that arise can be caused by several things including from the hands of someone who does not clean, dust, hair of the head, towels, sheets, makeup brushes, washcloths and even the telephone.

And still many other causes that cause acne on the skin. One of them could also be due to stress or irregular hormone and the too humid air.

2. Stone Acne (or Cystic Acne in medical terms)

Cystic Acne is an acne which has a large bulge size, and this bulge can cause serious inflammation, and usually, this acne is always assembled in one part of a person’s face.

In general, a person who is suffering from cystic acne has a genetic factor which families or close relatives have the same thing. Cystic acne sufferers have been ascertained to have an over-active oil glands in the skin of his face, so that it can produce enough oil on the face and flooded many pores of that person.

In addition, a person who is suffering from cystic acne has the growth of skin cells that are abnormal. Where the growth of skin cells is very rapidly, so it has a very exaggerated response to inflammation. As result, there would be a scar on the skin of his face.

3. Blackheads

Blackheads including one type of acne but it does not have an painful effect and also it can not be enlarged. Blackheads can also arise due to the skin pores that have been clogged. However the blackheads can also open and close the pores.

And to open blackheads, we can call it as Blackhead (Blackheads Black) which looks like pores getting bigger and blackened.

As for blackheads close, we could call it as Whitehead (blackheads White) which is having a skin with a growth above the pores that have been clogged, so it would look like a bulge that its white color shrink.

This type of acne, or what we called it as blackheads, can be caused by the cells of dead skin and oil gland production which is too much on someone’s face skin.

Well, the Health Information Seekers, that is the explanation of the types of acne that you should know.

Next we will discuss about tips on how to get rid of stubborn acne and blackheads.

Has a smooth face without acne was not quite up, if we still have blackheads that cover the pores of our face skin. Especially if there are blackheads on the nose.

It certainly can affect a person’s appearance. Even it can cause the distrust to themselves.

If you want to have smooth face skin, the following we will describe some tips on how to get rid of acne and blackheads for you.

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Tips on How to Get Rid of Acne and Blackheads

Tips on How to Get Rid of Stubborn Acne and Blackheads
(Tips on How to Get Rid of Stubborn Acne and Blackheads, Photo Source: commons(dot)wikimedia(dot)org)

1. Identify in advance the type of your skin

In general, blackheads can appear on the oily face. If you are able to recognize the type of your skin. You will certainly be easier in choosing the materials or cleaning products to be used in accordance with your skin type.

2. Use the right facial cleanser product

If you have a face that is quite oily. You are expected to choose the appropriate facial cleaning products and suitable to the conditions of your face.

This is because that when you use these products, you can get maximum results, really clean and can make your skin more supple and fresh.

If you already use a cleaning product that you choose, given approximately one month to measure how the performance of the cleaning product and see how it works.

3. Use good or matches moisturizers

For normal and oily skin, try using a moisturizer such as oil free. In normal circumstances conditions, the human body has a natural system and be able to set conditions of moisture in the skin of his own.

Subsequently, get used to have a healthy living and nutritious food consumption, have enough rest time, regular exercise and avoid stress state. This is because when the conditions on a person’s body decreases, that is where germs instantly easy to get inside and infect our bodies.

4. Use Facial

Facial is a great way to eliminate the bulge blackheads completely. But for women who are menstruating, this is not recommended because it is intended to avoid the occurrence of a change in hormones and glands sebasia during menstruation, which is a period that is active in producing excess oil.

Well, Health Tips Seeker, that’s a few tips that you can use in eliminating stubborn blackheads or avoid acne on our face skin.

In addition, you also have to know the various types of acne on the face.

Hopefully, the information we provide can be useful and help you to solve all your problems, particularly in matters of acne and blackheads.

That’s all about the Tips on How to Get Rid of Stubborn Acne and Blackheads.

See you on the next Health Tips Articles.

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