Top 5 Healthy Valentine Snacks

Healthy Foods – If you are looking for healthy Valentine snacks ideas, you are in the right place. We have top 5 healthy Valentine snacks for you who want to celebrate Valentine day with your beloved person.

Celebrating Valentine is a must for some people. They plan so many activities in valentine day such as having special dinner, having a party with friends, or maybe getting on together with the family member.

In Valentine, commonly we give some sweets to people around us such as chocolate and candies. In facts, when we heard the word “Valentine” itself, we will think about some snacks such as chocolate, any sweets or even flower bouquet.

These things usually can make them euphoric because it represents our love. We want to show our love with sweets things on Valentine day.

However, for you who care about the health realize that consuming too many sweets is not good for our health. It can cause several harmful effects on our body.

Moreover, the doctor does not allow people with diabetes to consume too many sweets because it can increase blood sugar level.

But you do not have to worry about it.

You can still enjoy the sweetness of Valentine with healthy sweets Valentine snacks.

Thus, here we will discuss Top 5 Healthy Valentine Snacks for you who want to celebrate Valentine but still stay healthy.

Top 5 List Healthy Valentine Snacks

Maybe you had never thought about it before that these simple foods can replace your unhealthy snacks. They still taste sweet but safe for your body.

This list could be a good reference for you who want to enjoy Valentine day without feeling worried about your health.

Here we will give you the list.

1. Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate - Top 5 Healthy Valentine Snacks
(Dark Chocolate, Photo Source: pixabaydotcom)

Chocolate is one of the sweet food which is identical with Valentine. Many people celebrate their Valentine day with chocolate.

However, there are many kinds of chocolate which are unhealthy for your body. They contain a lot of sugar or milk mixture.

This excessive sweet will make your blood sugar level keep increasing and diabetes disease.

Therefore, if you want to give some chocolate to your beloved spouse, we suggest you give dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate is different than any other kind of chocolate. It does not contain too much sugar.

In fact, dark chocolate contains the essence which influences the serotonin. Serotonin is a brain chemical substance that causes happy feeling.

Moreover, some researchers show that dark chocolate is good for heart health.

2. Cinnamon Candy

Cinnamon Candy - Top 5 Healthy Valentine Snacks
(Cinnamon Candy, Photo Source: maxpixel(dot)freegreatpicture(dot)com)

Candy is still the most favorite snack and present for people in Valentine day. But, you know that candy contains too much sugar.

So, if you want a healthy one, it is better for you not to choose the candy which contains too many sweets. You can change it by selecting the cinnamon candy.

Cinnamon candy is unique because it has a lot of advantages for your body health.

Moreover, it can help you to lose your weight.

Choosing the right candy can help you stay healthy in Valentine day.

3. Oatmeal Cookies

Oatmeal Cookies - Top 5 Healthy Valentine Snacks
(Oatmeal Cookies, Photo Source: commons(dot)wikimedia(dot)org)

Oatmeal cookies are healthier than other cookies which are made from flour.

As we know that oat is rich in fiber, good for our movement and our metabolism health. Besides, oatmeal cookies also taste sweet and suitable for a Valentine present.

If your spouse is doing a diet program, this oatmeal cookie is good because it does not contain too much fat.

If you can make them by yourself, it is good for you. It is more exclusive than you buy it from a store. As a result, your partner will love you more.

It sounds like a good idea, is not it?

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4. Dried Fruits

Dried Fruits - Top 5 Healthy Valentine Snacks
(Dried Fruits, Photo Source: commons(dot)wikimedia(dot)org)

It is not only chocolate and cookies; dried fruits can be one of your sweetener in your healthy valentine day.

Fruits are healthy and salubrious. Dried fruit is a type of fruit which has pass through a drying process.

Even though, this dried fruit still have vitamin and nutrition content.

Dried fruits can increase the hemoglobin, prevent cancer, control cholesterol, and blood pressure, also it is good for your health heart.

And the fun part, you can mix and match your dried fruits as you wish.

You better serve it in Valentine party with family and friends.

5. Yogurt

Yogurt - Top 5 Healthy Valentine Snacks
(Yogurt, Photo Source: maxpixel(dot)freegreatpicture(dot)com)

We can say that it is an anti-mainstream snack.

Why do we say so?

Because, commonly, people who are running a diet program always consume this snack.

However, there is no wrong if you make it as your healthy Valentine snacks since it contains calcium, potassium, and fosfor which are good to keep your liver healthy.

Furthermore, yogurt is an excellent meal for your metabolism. It can absorb fat and remove it from your body.


Alright, Health Tips Seekers, what do you think about this Top 5 Healthy Valentine Snacks?

They are several sweets snacks which you can enjoy on Valentine day. They do not only give you sweetness, but they also can offer you a lot of health benefits.

Maybe, Celebrating Valentine day is important for you, but remember that your health is more important than that.

So, keep your body healthy by choosing the right food in celebrating your Valentine.

And we hope that the list can inspire you to make another healthy Valentine snacks.

Do you have your healthy Valentine snacks?

Let us hear it by commenting on the comment box below this post. But, do not forget to share this post first.

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