Weight Loss Programs for Women over 50

Weight Loss – There are several things to consider in choosing weight loss programs for women over 50. Because in their 50’s, women become very susceptible to various serious diseases that can threaten their health for example heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other diseases.

The disease can arise for a variety of things, one of them is weight gain.

Hormone have an important role in weight gain. But the hormone is not the only factor in weight gain for women. Another factor is an unhealthy lifestyle.

Based on the Academy of Nutrition and Dietics, most of the women at this age have the unhealthy lifestyle because they tend to be less active and eat more calories than they need.

In essentials, unhealthy lifestyle could be the primary factor that arises weight problem and gives a higher risk to get more serious diseases.

Therefore, many experts recommend women over 50 to do a variety of things to keep body weight, maintain their body condition to stay healthy, and protected from various diseases.

And one of the easiest ways to lose weight for women over 50 is to conduct the appropriate diet plans and exercise programs.

Diet Plans for Women over 50

Weight Loss Programs for Women Over 50
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You can choose the weight loss program that agrees with you because there are a lot of studies that held by many experts to this problem. One of them is by running the appropriate diet plans.

1. Protein Weight Loss Program

A 2011 study that published in The Journal of Gerontology. It found that women over 50 lost more weight by just a higher protein intake than they who eat more carbs intake in spite of the same number of calories. So, it is well known as Protein Weight Loss Programs.

Some examples of well known Protein Weight Loss Programs are Weight Watchers, the Atkins Diet, the South Beach Diet.

Weight Watchers is a kind of weight loss program with 26 percent get calories from protein. While, the Atkins diet get 29 percents of calories from protein. And the South Beach Diet is a weight loss program with 30 percents of calories comes from protein.

2. Fruits and Vegetables Weight Loss Program

As we know, that fruits and vegetables are good for our health. It contains vitamins and minerals, and our body need them so much. Moreover, we should know that fresh fruit and vegetables can make us full, but it does not give a side effect such as the excessive body fat.

It is better for you to do a weight loss program that stresses fruits and vegetables. As a 2012 study published in The Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, they found that women over 50 who run fruits and vegetables diet plans were more successful in keeping their weight better than they who did not run it.

Therefore, it is clear that it is fruits and vegetables can help you at keeping the weight. Several best weight loss programs that you can choose are the DASH diet, the Mediterranean Diet, and the Mayo Clinic diet.

We suggest you pick and run one of them if you want to get a better health.

Exercise Programs for Women over 50

In losing weight, diet is not the one and only way. Another way to complete your plan in losing your weight is doing exercise. And doing the right exercises is more crucial for women over 50. Of course, it is intended to lower the risk.

Many experts advocate women over 50 to do a regular exercise in 30 minutes of moderate-intensity. They suggest a brisk walk or bike ride to help burn extra calories. Also, two sessions per week of weight training are enough to help you build and preserve your muscle Because It has an advantage for weight loss maintenance.

Based on the Data of the National Weight Control Registry, it is about 94 percent people who do some regular physical activities could Reviews their lose and keep weight off.

It is crucial for women over 50 to consult with the doctor if they Decide to run some exercises. If the doctor says OK, then you can ask your fitness trainer to get the ideas for the right exercises that agree with you.

However, here we give you some exercise ideas that you can apply to your exercise programs, especially for women over 50.

1. Back and Waist Exercise

Back training is urgent for women over 50 Because It can help you Strengthen your back muscle that Gives support to the whole body. And it is the best strength exercise.

Also, it can help to get rid of fat in your back, your backbone strengthen nerves, and other nerves, and tighten your back muscle.

While, waist exercise can tighten your waist, bottom, hip, and thigh. Besides, it can soothe back and abdomen pain.

Shrugs bent over rows, lateral press, back extensions, and deadlifts are Several exercises that you can do.

2. Belly Exercise

Of course, Belly exercise can help you to throw away the fat in your belly. Also, it can strengthen muscle belly. You can do some ‘floor exercises’ to evenly your belly.

Crunches, sit-ups, leg lowering, reverse crunches, oblique crunches, rock ball, and bicycle crunches are several safe exercises.

And to do crunches, women over 50 could do it by using ball exercises.

Do not you know that belly exercises have other benefits such as increase of refined digestive process and it is well known as the best way to Overcome constipation.

3. Chest Exercise

In general, women avoid chest exercise Because they do not want to have a broad chest and masculinity. However, this exercise can help women to get natural armed by Strengthen the chest muscle.

As the old women, Reviews their breast tends to slip off, floppy with loose skin. One of the ways to keep off the breast line safely is to include this chest exercise into your daily exercise. It can tighten and Strengthen the chest muscle, the ribs, and neck bone.

The exercises such as push ups, incline chest fly, decline chest fly, incline press, and peck deck is Several chest exercises for women over 50. And you have to do it by using dumbbells for a fast and permanent result.

4. Arm Exercise,

There are some arm exercises for women, included for you at the age of over 50. Tricep exercise such as overhead extensions, triceps dip, and triceps kickback will help you to avoid flabby arm. Also, it can leave the fat out in back arm part.

While, exercises such as bicep curls, hammer curl, and concentrated curl are the exercises that Strengthen your bicep.

Arm exercise is the most important exercise fro women over 50. And doing it by using dumbells could lose fat and increase of the strength of you arm muscle fast.

Moreover, you can also do cardio and aerobic exercises which will lose your weight, increase of metabolic process and build stamina.

As a note, in the particular health condition, All these exercises is better to do after consulting with your doctor and fitness trainer.

First, they would check your weight, body type, lifestyle, medical story, and that’s why they will suggest you the suitable exercises for you.

Besides, you have to keep your healthy and balance diet to get your body slim. We hope it can make you like women under 30.

Alright, Health Tips Seekers, mainly reviews those two things, diet plans, and exercise programs, take the leading role in successful of Weight Loss Programs for Women over 50.

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Weight Loss Tips for Women over 50

However, we still have some tips that maybe useful for you to success your weight loss programs. The tips are as follow:

1. Check Your Hormones Regularly

Over time, age, progesterone, testosterone and other hormones will decline. And this will make the body more portly than losing weight.

A naturopathic physician in Phoenix, Jennifer Burns, NMD, said that it is simple to lose weight for women over 50 if they regularly check the level of the thyroid, adrenal glands, and another hormone, then they take the Appropriate steps to balance them.

Tami Meraglia, MD, the author of The Hormone Secret: Discover Effortless Weight Loss and Renewed Energy in Just 30 Days, agreed with Jennifer Burns, NMD. She believes that testosterone is a hormone that we should focus on, especially for women over 50 who are trying to lose Reviews their weight and stay fit.

She says that there are so many in the medical community discussion about the effects of estrogen loss. However, there is a little people who aware to the importances of enough testosterone levels. And actually, it can help women slim down Reviews their body.

In fact, studies show that testosterone levels are balanced to reduce blood glucose levels that might help promote weight loss and shrink belly fat stubborn.

2. Meet a Physical Therapist

Seeing a Physical Therapist are things you should do before you decide to perform some exercises. It is intended to check how or to what extent your body’s ability to form of exercise.

Based on an ACE-certified personal trainer opinion, women over 50 have a high enough risk of injury in any form of activity that does. Therefore, the views of an expert would be helpful.

Also, physical therapy can help you fix an old injury, soothe pain in joints and muscles, and help you set up or choose pain-free exercises.

3. Check Your Stress

Checkin stress is another important option because, at the age of 50, some people have an enormous responsibility than any other younger peers. Maybe they have a lot of tremendous responsibilities.

For instance, perhaps they have less income so that they have to find another side-job that ill give them extra income. While maybe some others have kids who are going to college and many another things to care.

Thus, the result, they have the unstable emotional level that causes them to have eating disorders and exercise schedule. It would be very disruptive to their health.

One of the solutions is to consult with a doctor to reschedule diet and exercise schedule which is right for them.

Besides, consistently on routine activities will not only help relieve stress but will also make them consistent with the diet program run.

In Conclusion

Several things must be considered by women over 50 in selecting the correct weight loss programs. Weight loss programs do not only depend on precise diet plans but also the appropriate exercises programs.

You can choose several diet plan that is right for women over 50 such as Protein Weight Loss Program or Fruit and Vegetables Weight Loss Program. Moreover, you can choose any exercises program such as back and waist, belly, chest and arm exercises to maximize the result you want.

And some weight loss tips for women over 50 can be your guide in running the specific weight loss programs such as checking the hormones regularly, meeting a physical therapist, and checking the stress.

And last, hopefully, our discussion regarding weight loss programs for women over 50 can be useful for the readers. And if you find this is a good review, please share it with your partner or friends and family.

Alright Health Tips Seekers, see you on the next interesting topics.

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